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Weremote Coworking Spaces in Manila, Philippines

A revolutionary approach towards traditional office spaces that offer modern-day solutions dealing with old-fashioned work problems. Weremote is heading towards the future outlook of work and business operations, perfect for freelance professionals, startups, and established business owners through our Coworking Space and solutions.

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Private Offices

Office with access to shared spaces

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Virtual Office

Ideal for Startup Companies

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Explore our Coworking plans

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Staff Housing for your team

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Meeting Spaces

Book a Meeting Room

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Remote Spaces

Better productivity than working at home.

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Storage Spaces

Secure your business possessions.

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For servers and other computing software

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Company Incorporation

Hassle-free legal processing and registration.

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High-end gear suited for your demands.

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Shared Services

Bridging you towards your business success.

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Hello Welcome to Weremote!

We are on a mission to build the largest network of flexible spaces in the Philippines. We believe that entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, and companies should have easy access to spaces on demand from wherever they are.
We provide a technology-based solution for:
Employees & Professionals: a nationwide network of workspaces and co-living spaces, with thousands of desks, meeting rooms and beds available for booking on-demand through our Weremote platform.
Employers: A simple way for you to provide a workspace/staff housing solution to your employees with reduced costs, streamlined billing, and maximum flexibility to scale up and down as needed.
We believe that the way people work has changed forever and Weremote wants to help you make that transition from traditional work to the new way to work, which is a hybrid approach of remote and office. This enables you to attract and retain the best talent in the country.
This is the future of work. We are the future of work.

Why Weremote?

Our Weremote Community

Our members thrive through creativity and collaboration.

We’re a community of start-ups, freelancers, BPO agencies, small to established businesses who are inspired and motivated to thrive on creativity and innovation.

We appreciate being here, We’re happy while making something great, and We love working. We don’t fear Mondays, we welcome it. Mutual respect is a common ground for us individuals who are working in a professional yet fun community.

We are making ourselves and our businesses to the next level through the Coworking Space, and community of Weremote.

This is your time to expose yourself and be part of our fast-growing community of achievers, talented individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

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Smart and Inspiring Interiors

Weremote only provides the best working environment to our facilities for our members to enjoy. Our specially designed smart and inspiring interiors boost the overall environment and ambiance of our Coworking Space.

Never experience a dull moment in our spaces, Goodbye to white walls, and welcome to creative spaces!

Your Ideal Enterprise Solution

We offer a comprehensive variety of customizable plans that accommodate your enterprise needs. Coworking Spaces, Business Registration, Human Resources, Shared Services, Amazing Amenities, Virtual Offices, Private Offices, Meeting Rooms, Recording Studio, Photo Studio, you name it, we have it. Let’s grow your venture together or start it from scratch.

Get in touch

You are a few clicks away to take the next step to your career and business goals.

Inquire or Sign up today, be a part of the Weremote community. We have all of your business needs covered. We can’t wait to work with you.

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See what people are saying.

This is one of our favorite co-working spaces in Ortigas, Pasig City. Their staff are helpful and very approachable. The space has a cool and creative vibe that is perfect for freelancers, business owners and students. They also have meeting rooms for conference calls and are sound-proof. The location is very accessible and near Starbucks Metrowalk Ortigas.
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Jay B
01:01 22 Apr 23
Great place for working productively. Reliable internet connection, great ambiance, and well-stocked with necessities
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Richmond S.
03:50 26 Oct 22
Great place for co-working! The ambience is very comfortable compared to other co-working spaces that tend to feel lifeless. They also have private offices, creative studios, and common areas.
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Jan-Daniel B.
06:07 08 May 22
Variety of meetings rooms, free coffee and water, helpful staff!
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02:47 30 Dec 21
Cozy ambiance, pet friendly work place and very accommodating staff.
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Rene M.
03:00 11 Oct 21
Great location, professional service, various amenities and parking!A complete working environment for any business. Definitely value for money considering its strategic address in Ortigas. Highly recommended!
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James C.
08:21 11 Mar 21
One of the best, if not the best, coworking places for me! It's located at the center of Metro Manila (very, very accessible for everybody!) and has a really spacious parking space (cheap parking also, considering it's in a business district). Internet is fast, plenty of food establishments nearby, and friendly staff. Love it here!
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Ace G.
07:48 11 Mar 21
First off, Dr. Jose Rizal brought us here! Was about to sign up w/ another brand (& equally good one, to be fair) but w/ Lolo Jose on the mural, this clinched the deal. Seriously, we couldn’t have found a better office. We are immensely grateful. Weremote truly cares for startups (& struggling founders who need 50 hours in a day). Like seriously, if there is no Covid-19, I might even sleep there! Thank u, Weremote team, for making us feel you are friends/family.This phase—while really challenging—is being made lighter by partners like you—professional, kind, attentive, & really goes the extra mile. Not to mention, true nationalists! Kudos & God bless! You’re all welcome to Anna’s Trees and El Rio Bamboo (in Aurora) hopefully in less than a year’s time! Just bring tents and kulambo, haha! Guys, you rock! Thank u so so much from the bottom of our hearts! - from all of us in Anna's Trees
AD cMMRO0KqDIq5PclStteLeVMjmj71ylU3pgJRBJ8QE=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Mary Anne V.
17:55 04 Jan 21
I would love to bring my creative team to this amazing coworking space!
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02:27 18 Jun 20
AD cMMSpcOUf UQgxihTFeEpBujvLbyA1A5VsIfR4TVKRfw=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 ba2 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Kristoffer C.
09:32 17 Jun 20
The best place 🙂
AD cMMSBj3rwEobXgAcvIOj6np z6X22X86oJi1mU3oa=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Cris C.
11:05 28 Oct 19
A great place 🙂
AD cMMRZtXwumIqhxVDkjR5duwyAGu6B8qGcOZ4iE9Y7uw=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Kimberly S.
15:25 24 Oct 19
Good working space for professionals and freelancers
AD cMMShHTasKJz0VbpE0azXM5Fg6fZH4tnKF9aaXrfIDQ=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Alfred Jerald A.
01:57 23 Oct 19
Been to different coworkng spaces and only did I found a shower room at. Weremote something that really stands out. Plus you get the comfort of your own space, own privacy, and world. I just hope they could also put up a branch in BGC where I am near.
AD cMMTNtvWDCkLV8OMb2nbF5xZ5NlM0yWuqSpIPex90=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Weremote Philippines
08:18 09 Oct 19
Awesome space with awesome people! Great place to work and think creatively.
AD cMMQo D7uM4EXnxNWZHOZ8 bu3KfGXdmjVs3Ge3zaLrQ=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Christian P.
03:01 23 Sep 19
This place is awesome and big. Fast internet. You can come and visit here.
AD cMMSc5n8C0yeoqkFPJ4Y Ny1IganTPNqJF2xx8cAf1LU=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Felice F.
09:16 13 Sep 19
I have been to coworking spaces in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and this one by far has the best amenities.If you call, someone at the location will answer.The WiFi performance with and without vpn was solid.The staff was friendly and speaks fluent English. The phone booths are actually sound proof, unlike other places. There are plenty of meeting rooms. There is a space to sleep and they charge by the hour to use the beds. There is a room for podcasts. There is a shower available. There is a kitchen with a microwave, sink, refrigerator, coffee, drinking water, and some dishes. There are lockers for members. There is a space for training events and a space for a small, temporary, computerized testing center.Great location, gyms for weights, boxing, and martial arts in walking distance.
AD cMMS4B MlnLCtxsiRsFsMlQ28avkC hPNSq nWsk=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 ba3 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Rob G.
08:24 12 Aug 19
Awesome amenities, cool staff, and vibrant interiors. Weremote is THE place in Ortigas to network and cowork with fellow freelancers!
AD cMMTQhj7CQwyI9zwa1W 7jXTYXyETlMsvCecEI5GWFQ=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Catherine C.
07:58 27 Jun 19
We had an event there the other weekend for a Freelance group meet-up, the space is huge and really comfy. Very conducive for work, I can stay there all day. It's a great venue to work there when you want some peace and quiet.
AAcHTtf2RAOleuwtWgvZq7emiWW6R4Ep51uAIE mFs 0=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Ria C.
01:51 26 Mar 19
Highly recommended coworking space for freelancers like us. It’s clean, spacious, and cozy!
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Julie C.
03:38 25 Mar 19
Definitely a must try specially if you are looking for a one-stop coworking hub.
AD cMMRMydfRQZmH1rETkkI K2B c4pDLM6RmpWEyJE2IA=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Joy T.
01:05 25 Mar 19
Awesome place, quite big and has a podcast and photography studio as well. Probably the best co-working space in the metro.
AD cMMRWGgHSkExoqyKlZqPc5AdhrNPADrrqEAQiRGSq5mM=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Roman M.
10:34 19 Mar 19
This place is amazing and very spacious. 😊👌 I like the arts and creativity of that office. Unique and very cool 👍
AD cMMRe7qHY DkxpchM8o2hnifh Y1Ujm5uBwTl5UqA g=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Tasha D.
11:10 23 Feb 19
So nice to finally visit @weremoteph, the newest to offer coworking space and shared office space in Ortigas. It has its own photo studio, podcast studio and offers FREE parking. They will also have medical clinic and sleeping quarters. The owner Carlo is also open to pricematch if your existing shared office or coworking space is less than what they charge at this early stage. Do not know of any of its kind that offers the same benefits. Located in Metrowalk’s second floor, WeremotePh is open 24/7 for freelancers, small companies, BPO’s et cetera. For as low as Php 450 a day, freelancers like me who are serious about getting things done should check this out soon. It is a great deal!.
AD cMMR4FOF4Wkzji6PL1MHUY2coglokB1HOupL1 xIFb3Y=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 ba6 br100 - Weremote Philippines
maria rona B.
03:17 16 Feb 19
As a start-up company, we've been into a lot of co-working spaces here in Pasig and Mandaluyong area, and we must say that Weremote co-working space has the best facility. We've been into Loft, Servrevo, Builtable, STKD Zepellin–co-working spaces near ortigas and we therefore say that this co-working place tops all of the said places. Plus they're giving group discounts for startup companies like us which is awesome! This is a newly-built huge co-working place so you better try this out! 🙂
AD cMMSqrTDES2bfA5KlDHrtG IRoW ryfFfNlD UW6Nww=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Jaysel D.
08:19 15 Feb 19
This is the best place to do your works. The ambiance there is very relaxing. Staff are also friendly and very accommodating! Best for freelancers and remote workers.#Weremote
AD cMMQhqqmcdXlsRwGZaCNh9p5Js Qw4Ww8r58nTRAXCA=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Weremote Philippines
06:48 15 Feb 19
To all freelancers and remote workers out there, this is definitely one of the best co-working places here near Pasig/Mandaluyong! If you're looking for something new and fancy place to work, this is it! a perfect place to reach your peak productivity. Plus the commute here is so convenient as it is located just within the Metrowalk area! :)) The place is big enough that the noise are being reduced– you don't have to worry about cramped noisy co-working spaces anymore lol (as it was our problem with our last co-working place, the location was in a condo type room and ceilings were too low that you can hear almost every convo that is being held in that place!)++for their free yummy coffee! xD++for this sooo instagram-able co-working place!
AD cMMQlK3AFcbQ8vnPUqbprge0D7tVdpMqLfN67pC4Zdw=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Jessa D.
04:03 15 Feb 19
Weremote is a great place to work in. Newly built and very welcoming. The staff also are very accomodating no doubt. I'll recommend this to my cofreelancers. Thanks weremote!
AD cMMT8ngYHuptVVewQKP Ih79KgZ pcvRJ3VJP1Xsbjg=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Paulo T.
04:02 15 Feb 19
Great place and security. Helpful staff. Awesome office set-ups. Clean, airy, with lots of available working spaces/stations/tables. Free flowing coffee and water dispenser. Haven’t had the chance to access their wifi yet tho. Location is convenient with various restaurants just outside the office, but far from public transit (i.e. MRT).
AAcHTtdcKO4WkqEsv tQT5YsKIl9rMi1MO1cYUDbX0J2DQ=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 ba3 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Ji-Le T.
13:03 13 Aug 19
I love the set up at Weremote. They have wide tables, lounges, rooms you can choose depending on the kind of event. Separate pantry...Ample parking space available, vast array of eating places you can choose around Ortigas...I could go on and on...This is a 👌👌👌👌👌
AD cMMRmMWDMYQMA LDfC9k9LfBGicejWMpnoPnswV5QIw=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 ba3 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Elena S.
02:52 05 Apr 19
Great co-working space. Hot sometimes (maybe because there are not a lot of people and they turn off AC)
AD cMMRQKRXWoJIpc3iHZ44Xz X4bCqM1XSZ8DVtuzMv=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 ba5 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Nina Santiago M.
15:33 02 Apr 19
Perfect place to do your tasks, while you're in one of the business city districts. Calm and organized in this space.
AD cMMTy RJ8D8gmTE90CXUgx t se25 kopSso 3ILxhw=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Megan C.
15:18 29 Jan 19
Sorry but the temperature was a big deal breaker for me. It was kinda suffocating with face masks on :/ The facility was still good though!
AD cMMSBzrLNHWnWrVyPpteH6VZQckhM1d4Api9ZojLntLc=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Berna O
06:15 30 Sep 22
Leaks on our room during the rain. Lady at reception isn't friendly. They shouldn't be skeptic if we have the room availed or not if we already paid in advance.
AD cMMTHFvZzzWb7OEkHjH YxK14M zh93pl7H fugAT=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - Weremote Philippines
Juan Antonio Luis B.
00:18 03 Jun 22

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