Remote Work Plan: When Employees Prefer Not to Go Back to the Office

Post-pandemic, many companies have gone back to the office, but a lot of employees still would rather work from home. This has created a kind of dilemma. The solution is what’s called the remote work plan or policy. If you still haven’t got a remote work plan in place for your business, read on. We […]

10 Book Recommendations for Remote Work

Remote work has been a boon and a bane for employers throughout the pandemic. Though many companies have been able to save on office maintenance, it’s also proven difficult to foster a culture of camaraderie among employees and enforce proper work-life boundaries among them. Fortunately, remote work has also seen the rise of coworking spaces […]

Coworking as Part of a Job Offer for a Remote Team

The COVID-19 pandemic compelled the world to work from home and, consequently, consider remote work as the new norm. The term “remote work” grew synonymous with “coworking” and coworking spaces, especially for freelancers and remote workers. Here, they could enjoy the amenities of a traditional office but with the flexibility of a work-from-home setup. Although […]

10 Popular Types of Freelance Work

Whether you’re thinking of working freelance as a part-time gig or making it your permanent day job, here’s a list of 10 popular types of freelance work you might be interested in.

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