Weremote MCS: A hub for sustainability and innovation

Weremote, known for its flexible working areas, has always been more than just a space for desks and offices. It is, among other things, a multi-use facility that can accommodate the specific needs of its clients.  It recently opened its doors to Urban Greens, a company dedicated to transforming the Philippines’ food supply chain by […]

Humans of Weremote: Urban Greens

Welcome to the Humans of Weremote blog section, where we put a spotlight on the valuable members of our community. Let’s get to know them better to gain insight on their business philosophy that we could adopt as we move our own enterprise forward. Weremote, after all, is more than just spaces. (If you would […]

Humans of Weremote: iCore Technologies

The Humans of Weremote series features an individual, a group, or an organization that is a valuable member of the Weremote community so that we may get to know them a little better. This would include their business or work philosophy and why working at Weremote makes sense to them. iCore Technologies started as a […]

Weremote’s 2023: Transforming Workspaces and Communities

Weremote MyTown LA

Weremote’s 2023 journey was marked by significant expansion, forging global partnerships, and enhancing local coworking communities. The year saw the launch of our flagship location and initiatives that strengthened connections and innovation, solidifying Weremote’s role in shaping the future of flexible workspaces.

What’s It Like Working in a Call Center: Pros and Cons

The Philippines is the voice of the customer service industry in the world. There are 700 BPOs in the Philippines alone, and as one of the faster-growing sectors in the country. The call center industry is one of the most popular career paths among fresh graduates and undergraduates that are looking for a solid foundation […]

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