Coworking Space Etiquette: Tips to a Healthy Coworking Environment

Good behavior in the workplace is just as important as the office setup in ensuring smooth operation. Knowing how to act right is beneficial for you and everyone around you, whether you are in a traditional office or in today’s hybrid setup where the proper coworking space etiquette must be observed.

You may not notice it, but your workplace environment is a crucial factor in your work performance and productivity. After all, it is your immediate surroundings. 

Read on to learn more about the coworking space etiquette you can follow and its importance.

What is coworking?

First things first, let’s define coworking.

Coworking is sharing a space and its facilities, equipment, utilities, and services between various people. They may be freelancers, self-employed, or working for different companies. Unlike in traditional office settings where employees share the same goals, coworking individuals have differing visions, priorities, and objectives. This is why proper decorum is needed together to prevent becoming a major distraction to others. In such a situation, coworking space etiquette comes into play.

Why is coworking space etiquette important?

Observing proper coworking space etiquette creates a friendly and healthy environment. By being conscientious of others, it’s more likely for you to receive the same treatment. Thus, starting with yourself may even establish an unspoken courteousness within the coworking space.

Coworking Space Etiquette

If you are using or planning to use a shared space, consider these tips.

Maintain a tidy workspace

This is the most basic etiquette when it comes to coworking. Since you do not have a designated desk, it is important to maintain the cleanliness of the space you used as a courtesy for the next user. Make a habit of tidying up your workspace after using it.

Use phone booths

When someone is talking loudly over the phone for a long period, it can get very hard to try and concentrate. Even though most people won’t tell the person that they’re bothered, they certainly are.

So, when you need to make a long call, it’s best to go and find a phone booth or other areas where informal meetings are held. The coworking space you are at has these areas for sure. Doing this contributes to a conducive atmosphere for better focus for everyone.

Avoid borrowing from others

Although coworking spaces aim to create a community of hard-working and dedicated people, it doesn’t give us the right to borrow things from other members. These individuals bring supplies only for themselves, and if they’re asked to lend some of them, this may pose a distraction or they may feel obligated and too shy to say no, and that’s when it starts becoming a problem. It is acceptable to borrow supplies once in a while, but doing it all the time is not desirable and is certainly a violation of coworking space etiquette.

Be polite and friendly

If you want to experience the long-term benefits of being in a coworking space, this is one etiquette you should practice well. In coworking, members must treat each other with respect, kindness, and compassion. Otherwise, the sense of community is lost.

Simple acts like making another batch of coffee after drinking the last serving or stacking the printer tray with paper when it needs to be can go a long way for your coworking reputation. This can also help in networking as more people will be willing to work for and with you.

Maintain decent eating habits

Weremote coworking pantry

Every coworking space has a cafeteria or a lunchroom where members eat. Make sure you take your meals there, especially if your food has a strong smell. At least one member is not going to like the odor of your food, so refrain from eating at your desk. Be mindful and follow the food rules your coworking space implements.

Avoid encroaching into others’ spaces

Avoid hovering over someone while they’re working or peeking over their cubicle when you need to speak with them. It is also not advisable to tap on their desk or cubicle to catch their attention. Respect each other’s privacy and space!

Maintain good hygiene

This is about more than just coworking space etiquette; maintaining good hygiene must be addressed everywhere. It’s not pleasant to share a coworking space with an individual who has body odor. And this is not only about the unpleasant smell but also the perfume you use. Just make it a point to shower in the morning and use deodorant before coming to the coworking space.

Refrain from making noises

Often, we make sounds without meaning to especially when we are immersed in work. We can start humming, whistling, squeaking a chair, or scratching something on our desk without realizing it. Try and be more aware of your desk habits because you may get on other people’s nerves. Whenever you catch yourself doing these habits though, apologize immediately and take your headphones off for a while.

Hold meetings in designated meeting rooms

An often-overlooked part of coworking is using resources for the purposes they were meant to be used for. If you feel like there are more important meetings to be held in designated meeting rooms and decide to cram over one person’s desk, you’re just making things inefficient and may even disturb other members near your area. Make it convenient for everyone by booking that meeting room, no matter the agenda and size of your group.

Be respectful

Discrimination is a strict no in coworking spaces. The idea of coworking is making space available to anyone from anywhere, irrespective of background, sex, race, and religion. It is important to be mindful of other people’s cultures and beliefs. Avoid making sensitive jokes, offensive remarks, and racist and/or gender-biased comments and conversations.


Individuals and organizations from different industries come to coworking spaces with their own goals in mind. Observing proper coworking space etiquette makes it possible to achieve the coworking goal: Creating a positive community and a healthy working environment.

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