Coworking Spaces: Perfect for Students Too

As employees transition to the new normal, they have discovered the many advantages of working at a coworking space. Students would benefit from a coworking space too, as they have to navigate an academic space that may or may not be completely online.

While schools have begun to experiment with face-to-face classes, it’s still not on a daily basis, which means limited access to learning facilities such as libraries. Thus, a lot of students have had to make do with learning from home, even when their immediate environments aren’t conducive to studying.

Some might say there’s always the option to do schoolwork at a cafe or restaurant. Unfortunately, this could be worse when it comes to distractions because others are most likely there not just to drink or eat but also socialize, so it can be noisy as well. So where can a student turn to in this new normal?

Coworking spaces have responded to this need, becoming the ultimate studying hub at the peak of eLearning.

The pandemic’s effect on schools

A 2022 study titled “The Psychological, Academic, and Economic Impact of COVID-19 on College Students in the Epicenter of the Pandemic” examined how college students in New York and New Jersey were affected by various COVID-related stressors.

According to the study’s findings, all groups, especially those of students of color, reported feeling depressed, anxious, worried, or hopeless about continuing their education.

In 2021, UNICEF called on the Philippines to reopen schools–at least on a phased, voluntary basis. As of March 2022, the Philippine Commission on Higher Education reported over 300 colleges and universities resuming face-to-face classes but only for certain degree programs.

What is a coworking space?

Coworking spaces are affordable, shared workspaces. Typically associated with freelancers and digital nomads, coworking spaces are also beneficial for students, professionals, and even entire companies.

Visit a coworking space and you’ll likely find a mix of private desks, shared tables, and meeting rooms–all accessible to its members. What gets people talking about coworking spaces, however, is the culture.

Because a coworking space isn’t a traditional office, its atmosphere is more vibrant, encouraging both focus and collaboration among members. Those who want to concentrate and stay isolated can choose to sit at a private desk, while others can find a seat at one of the larger coworking tables.

Why coworking spaces are great for students too

Coworking spaces are for everyone. Here are a few reasons they’re particularly great for students.

1. Accessibility

Some coworking spaces are open and accessible to members 24 hours a day. While it’s become the norm to study and work from home during the pandemic, avoiding falling asleep isn’t always an easy task. Neither is finding a library or cafe open late at night.

Coworking spaces don’t usually prohibit eating or talking like a library would. You also wouldn’t feel obligated to buy a coffee every two hours to lengthen your stay, like in a cafe. You can stay in a coworking space for as long as your coworking pass or membership allows.

2. Increased productivity

Watching lectures and doing research in pajamas seemed like a good deal when the pandemic was declared its peak. Now, students have gotten sick of having to choose between Netflix and Zoom every day.

With a comfy bed to lie in, a fridge to raid, and a constant stream of movies to watch on TV, students have a hard time focusing on their academic work.

Coworking spaces provide the structured environment necessary for maximum concentration.

3. Affordability

Whether you have a lot of dough or are working with a tighter budget, coworking spaces offer various membership options to suit your needs. It’s another advantage for students, who aren’t exactly known for swimming in money.

Coworking spaces understand that some people might just need a private desk a few days a month. There are also day passes students can avail of if they can’t commit to a full-fledged membership. Consider that, as well as the other facilities and amenities coworking spaces offer, and you’ve got yourself a pretty sweet arrangement.

4. Motivation

While coworking spaces have become popular for their facilities, amenities, and memberships, what keeps people coming back is the community.

Being around hard-working, like-minded people is bound to rub off on you. Look to your left and you might find a mathematician who can help you with trigonometry. In front of you might be a graphic designer who can give you tips on that fine arts project you’re working on.

At a coworking space, students may find someone to help them stay motivated and inspired.

5. Network

The community built at a coworking space isn’t just a perk; it’s an opportunity. Think of every day as an opportunity to meet a future business partner, study buddy, or simply a friend.

People at coworking spaces are, more often than not, open to creating fruitful bonds and relationships to further their careers or academic paths. Don’t be afraid to make light conversation with your seatmate or approach the startup founder in the next room. It might just change your life.

6. Training

As you meet new people from different fields, you’ll also be exposed to training and mentorship opportunities. A coworking space for students is nothing like a classroom or a library, and that’s a great thing.

Studying at a coworking space gives you a feel for the working world, allowing you to dip your toes into your preferred field without having to take a job just yet. Surround yourself with professionals and get accustomed to their work habits. You might have to adopt those same habits later.

7. Facilities

A coworking space has everything you need as a student. Of course, they have the basics like desks, chairs, private booths, and meeting rooms. They also typically have strong internet, air-conditioned areas, and printers, among others.

Need to focus and write a paper? Then print it before your next class. A coworking space has the environment and materials for that. Have to finish a group project or conduct a workshop with classmates? You won’t have to worry about accommodating group mates in your home or trying to focus inside a noisy cafe.

8. Security

Studying often requires pulling all-nighters. Unfortunately, most coffee shops and restaurants suitable for studying close before midnight. Libraries tend to close before the sun even sets.

At a coworking space, students won’t need to keep checking your watch, wondering if it’s almost closing time. You can head to your coworking space anytime you like and stay there for as long as you please. There are usually cameras installed for security, ensuring members’ safety no matter the hour.

Just the right blend

The pandemic shone a light on what studying outside of school could look like, and coworking spaces seemed to work. As schools open and restrictions are eased, coworking spaces continue to offer just the right blend of professional and private environments for students who want a bit of both. Let our facilities help you excel, whether academically or professionally. Check out Weremote’s branches and #workwhereitsawesome, anytime, anywhere, wherever!

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