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Dedicated Desk

Our dedicated desk leases are entirely flexible, and we’d absolutely love to tailor it to your unique and specific needs.

Our Dedicated Desk plans are dedicated to you and only you, for as long as you need it. Perfect for freelancers or very small companies, you can work undisturbed, guarantee your privacy, and never worry about losing your spot in our space.

  • Each desk comes complete with desk, chair, wifi-access, ethernet ports, and a dedicated locker
  • Perfect for a small team of 1 to 4
  • Available 24 hours a day–even on the weekends (for our members)

Enjoy complete amenities such as:

Amenities, Services, & Perks

Open 24/7

Inspiring Interiors


Snug Room

Photo Studio

Podcast Studio

Fiber Optic Internet

Exclusive Lounge

Onsite Clinic

Secure Lockers

Game Room

Kitchen & Pantry

Private Booths

Onsite Staff

Daily Cleaning

Shower Use

Printer & Scanners

Intrerview Rooms

Testing Room for Applicants

Events Place

Business Address & Mail Handling

Whether you’re a Freelancer looking to have a spot where you can be productive and undisturbed or a Small Company of 5 or 3 people working in your team that wants a space and desk to call their own, our dedicated desk is the perfect spot for you. Go undisturbed, we guarantee your privacy, never worry about coming in one day and someone is sitting in your favorite spot. Try our Coworking Dedicated Desks, today.

Think this is the perfect working set up for you? We’d be thrilled to get you started! Hit us up with a message at [email protected], or give us a call at +63 917 623 3674 or +632 216 3429

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