The Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs In Post-Pandemic Manila And How Much It Pays

The Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs In Post-Pandemic Manila And How Much It Pays

Are you looking for a career change? Or are you considering your options in your current role? Let this Top 10 List of Most In-Demand Jobs help you. Since the lockdown levels in Manila change ever so often, this jobs can also be done remotely or from home. Switching to an occupation that won’t place you on the hazard lines of health is now the priority. In this time of changed habits, we grow to learn how to adjust to different life circumstances. We have filtered a long list of in-demand jobs this pandemic with a continued success rate in the post-pandemic world. Our curated list of occupations has the lowest risk rate against COVID-19 and has the highest rate of development and salary progression in line with technological advancements. Read below and see your could-be choices. 

10.  Graphic Designer - $495.54 per month (Php 25,000 median salary per month)

Imagine a job you can do anywhere you are. On the list is a job as a Graphic Designer. You don’t have to be Picasso to be a graphic designer, you can be employed in a company or be an independent graphic designer and still earn as much as $3,800 per month depending on the number of clients and workload you are able to accomplish. You don’t have to worry about your skill level because there are countless companies locally and internationally that seek your unique touch as an artist. 

In being an independent graphic designer, you’ll need a couple of pieces of equipment. Below are some examples of equipment you may need as a graphic artist:

  • Drawing Tablet – for digital art and sketches 
  • Laptop – preferably one with an Intel Core i5, i7, or Apple M1 or higher, and a minimum of 8GB RAM 
macbook air and art equipment for graphic designers

9. Customer Service Manager  - $1,183.35 average per month (Php 59,700 average per month)

A Customer Service Specialist is a job that can be done within the vicinity of your home. Its role involves processing complaints and issues related to services and products and is compensated per hour depending on the number of hours you would like to work. One of the key benefits of being a Customer Service Specialist is the flexibility of this occupation. Since people will undeniably continue to buy products and services, your job comes without ceasing.

asian woman with orange headphones on laptop by the window

8. Digital Marketing Manager - $1,205.15 per month (Php 60,800 average per month/ Php 3,035,910 average per year)

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization? For those who are still unfamiliar with the term, SEO is a method of technology where companies of all sorts aim to place their website on the top ranks of search engines. From the name itself, it “optimizes” a company’s website or post to the top of your search engine. SEO jobs are one of the jobs that utilize technology and home comfort, this means that you can work as an SEO employee and still stay within the comfort of your home. 

two hands typing on a laptop

7. IT Administrator - $1,217.05 per month (Php 61,400 average per month)

Are you tech-savvy? Perhaps being an IT Administrator is the next career track you can pursue. As an IT Administrator, you’ll be responsible for the operation of your client computer systems, servers, data security systems, and each of their configurations. The range of your annual salary would range from $40,000 to $62,167, depending on the years of your experience. 

left hand with watch on a laptop while coding

6. Sales & Marketing - $1,248.76 per month/ $78,000 per year (Php 63,000 average per month)

In the field of Sales and Marketing, you have a vast range of areas to explore. You can choose the track of freelance or work together with a team in a company of your choice. Your role as a Sales and Marketing professional is to generate more sales for the company you are working with. Your main responsibilities include developing unique marketing opportunities and researching new sales goals. This occupation is one that is flexible and can easily adjust to the changing times we are going through. 

marketing data on a laptop

5. UX-UI Designer - $1,328.05 per month (Php 67,813.56 average per month)

We’re seeing it happen, how the world is evolving into a more technological society, this means that UX-UI Designers will be needed in the next 10, 20, and 30 years.  Now, what are the roles and responsibilities of a UX-UI Designer? The responsibilities of a UX-UI Designer revolve around research, investigation, and evaluation of user requirements, and providing a smooth flowing experience for users of applications. UX-UI Designers’ main duty is to create user-friendly interfaces that enable users to avoid the complexities of technology.

UX-UI Designers are free to choose who they wish to work with. This is another occupation that one can do as an independent contractor or an employed member of a company. This means that the field a UX-UI Designer chooses is highly dependent on which he/she specializes in. It could go around game applications, baking, social media applications, or other innovative applications that users can be introduced to. 

a sketch of a ux-ui design for a website on paper

4. Data Analyst - $1,381.57 per month (Php 69,700 average monthly salary)

From the name itself, a Data Analyst is someone who stores and collects data on the number of sales a company makes. Data Analysts conduct market research, linguistic analysis, and logistics for the company they work with. Technical expertise that guarantees the accuracy and dependability of businesses and organizations is the main role of a Data Analyst. Generally, the role of this job is to allow companies to make better decisions through the data provided and studied by the Data Analyst. 

3. Project Manager - $1,389.49 per month (Php 70,100 median salary per month)

A Project Manager is one of the jobs that require a couple of years of experience. To be a Project Manager, you must be well informed about planning, organizing, directing, and ensuring that each aspect of a project is well accounted for and accomplished. Your task as a Project Manager is to take the lead role in planning, monitoring, and examining the budget and scope of a task. Browse over a few must-have skills a Project Manager should embody:

  • Building commitment and transparency with the team and the company
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in implementing decisions 
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Organizational and strategic skills
  • Ability to stay ahead of the curve
  • Genuine empathy towards team members 
  • Empowers members of the team to work productively and according to plan
a group of businessmen discussing and talking about business with their gadgets and laptops on top of a dark brown table

2. Database Manager - $1,670.96 per month (Php 84,300 average salary per month)

Database Administrator or DBA is a job that requires an effective specialization for software and data systems. Since a Data Administrator manages the recovery and backup method of a data system, one of the key traits this occupation requires is the Management of Data Integrity and performance monitoring. It gets a little tricky when you need to troubleshoot a data system, but if this is something you are highly interested in and passionate about, you can enjoy a monthly salary of as much as $2,000 depending on the years of experience you have acquired. 

database of a website on a laptop

1 . Chief Software Developer - $1,787.61 per month (Php 90,184.68 average salary per month)

If you’ve ever watched the popular film Matrix, you’d probably have an idea of what a Software Developer does. One of the main roles of a Software Developer is to identify, design, install, and test software systems. Each software system must be built steadily from the ground up. Like the film Matrix, you wouldn’t want your software to fall apart into a million pieces or worse, have bugs and glitches. To be a software developer, you would have to acquire a level of skill, where you can effectively fulfill the duties that will be required of you by your occupation and company. Below you can find a few of a Software Developer’s responsibilities:

  • Coding
  • Modification of existing programs
  • Testing newly created software
  • Analyzing software health
  • Researching and designing programs
  • Relaying information to team members
a filipina girl with green hair, wearing a mask, working on her laptop in a coworking hot desk

Is your dream job part of the list of Top 10 most in-demand jobs? Whether your answer is a resounding yes or no, you’d be happy to know that the list covers the top jobs this pandemic goes on. In this time of remoteness and flexibility, we provide a creative space for artists, engineers, students, and professionals like you to grow and expand the opportunities each of you may have in building your career. Check out our Coworking space here, where you can enjoy access to countless amenities and perks.

Are you currently looking for a job? You can apply here and find a role that fits you perfectly, may it be hybrid or remote. We also help our members in hiring for their perfect team.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work” – Aristotle

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