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kitchen & pantry

Here at WeRemote, we don’t just offer you great spaces to work. We also come with an open kitchen area that serves amazing coffee, 24/7.

They say that at the heart of every home is the kitchen. Now that people are slowly realizing the potential of coworking spaces, the kitchen is now also at the core of modern offices.

The kitchen is a great place to socialize; after all, nothing brings people together like good food. Professionals who thrive on collaboration and open networks, the kitchen and pantry of a coworking space is the ultimate networking hotspot, complete with a fridge and a microwave to boot.

Here at WeRemote, we don’t just offer you great spaces to work. We also come with an open kitchen area that serves amazing coffee, 24/7. And these aren’t any random add-ons, either; we specifically put them there because we want what’s best for our members, and we are strong believers in finding the balance between an active workspace conducive to productivity and a comfortable area where you aren’t pressured to be at full throttle all the time. So in addition to our top-quality workstations, we also serve you healthy and hearty snacks to fuel your hustle.

As much as we want to have your hours with us focused on doing as much work as you can, we also highly encourage our members to take breaks. WeRemote offers spaces and facilities that lets you relax and recharge in between tasks. We know for a fact that a well-stocked kitchen and a well-rested mind are two of the most important factors that equate to high productivity levels. Our amenities and versatile workspaces foster fresh connections and help fuel focus on each and every one of our members.

WeRemote provides you and your team with the right setup that will allow you to succeed in your respective industries. If you have any questions regarding our lease packages or any of our additional amenities, please feel free to contact us +63-917- 623-3674 and +632 216 3429 or shoot us an email at [email protected].

Amenities, Services, & Perks

Open 24/7

Inspiring Interiors


Snug Room

Photo Studio

Podcast Studio

Fiber Optic Internet

Unlimited Coffee

Exclusive Lounge

Onsite Clinic

Secure Lockers

Game Room

Kitchen & Pantry

Private Booths

Onsite Staff

Daily Cleaning

Shower Use

Printer & Scanners

Intrerview Rooms

Testing Room for Applicants

Events Place

Business Address & Mail Handling

Note: All amenities can be enjoyed by monthly paying members.

WeRemote guarantees that you and your team will always have a place in the fast-paced, highly competitive entrepreneurial world. To learn more about our dedicated desks, contact us at [email protected], or at +63-917-623-3674 and +632-216-3429. 

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