Office Furniture Setup: Crucial for a Hybrid Workplace

Did you know that in today’s workplace, the office furniture setup has become a crucial factor in a company’s success or failure?

We have witnessed how the corporate world reacted and adapted to the global health crisis— from stopping all operations and working remotely to implementing hybrid work models. Lately, companies have started to carry out on-site office work for all of their employees.

However, others still prefer to hold onto the hybrid work arrangement. This is arguably a better option not only for the workers but for the organization as well.

Why is office furniture setup important in a hybrid workplace?

If you’re looking into setting up your own hybrid office, furniture should be one of your top priorities. Picking the right furniture and placing them in the right spot call for a smooth and efficient overall operation. It makes the office space more comfortable, pleasant, and appealing.

Employees will be at ease working in this kind of environment and that helps enhance their productivity and overall performance. It also helps them to maintain a positive attitude toward the company.

Moreover, investing in quality office furniture creates a good impression on potential clients and partners. This will help boost both the company’s image and reputation.

What is a hybrid workplace?

A hybrid workplace allows employees to work either from home or in the office, depending on the company’s regulations. However, it is more than just the work setting; it is about efficiency in all aspects. Studies have shown that hybrid workplaces increase workers’ productivity, promote better work-life balance, and lower facility costs. Who wouldn’t want that for their business?

Setting up your hybrid workplace


Know your employees’ preferences

Most workers want to keep flexibility in their schedule, but the amount of time they prefer to show up in the office varies and so is the reasoning behind it. Some want to work at home more because of the privacy, while others find themselves being more productive in the office. Those who have been working even before the pandemic miss having the opportunity to connect and learn from their co-workers, so they vote for the office. 

But there’s one thing they agree on. And that is their freedom to choose where and when they work to accommodate their personal tasks, parenting, and other matters. They wouldn’t want to give this up. 

Knowing this, here are some of the things you can ask your employees when thinking of your office furniture setup:

  • What would be your ideal work situation today?
  • How many days would you like to be in the office?
  • How do you prefer to collaborate with others?
  • Do you think certain team meetings should be conducted in person?

Aside from the home-office schedule preferences, it’s also important to know what your employees value most in the workplace. While some people want group spaces, lounges, or open-plan layouts for better collaborations, there are still those who fear the spread of the virus and prefer open workspaces. Some look forward to ergonomically correct setups. Catering to the different personalities of your employees will get their job satisfaction and productivity rising.

Here are some questions you can ask:

  • What do you think of agile working setups?
  • What work activities does the office need to support?
  • What are your thoughts on standing desks?

Define the office’s primary function

After going through your employees’ feedback, you can now identify how your office furniture setup should look like. There are no limitations, but don’t forget that this depends on their responses.  Here are some ideas:

  • Collaboration
  • Activity-based
  • Mixed core and flex areas
  • Booking-type office 


When your plans are finalized, designing your workspace is the next and final step. This will focus on the office furniture setup. 

Design a proper layout

Your office layout will primarily rely on your chosen function. So, whether there will be more open areas or enclosed solo spaces, or a mix of both, ensure that your decision will meet the company’s goals. Design a layout that’s practical yet convenient for you and your employees.

Pick the right furniture

In choosing furniture, make sure that its features are effective for the tasks you wish to assign it. You must also pay close attention to how the attributes relate to the price. These two come hand in hand, so keep that in mind when deciding.

Office Desks

It may seem like all desks look alike but there are specific characteristics that fit your office’s needs. These are physical features such as quality, weight, aesthetics, durability, and material. Choosing the right kind of desk will depend on the information you got from the planning stage.

For instance, if your employees prefer team-oriented spaces, look for longer and broader desks that can accommodate large groups. When it comes to the cost, you can shop smart and consider buying in bulk. Buying wholesale allows you to purchase more desks at a lower price.

Some questions you may want to ask when getting desks that would fit your office furniture setup:

  • Does the purpose of the desk align with our task requirements?
  •  Does the desk fit the style and image that we want to portray?
  •  Is the desk convenient, and does it occupy a reasonable amount of space?
  • Does the desk fit the budget?

You should also think about getting standing desks. This kind of desk can bring more engagement and productivity to your office because of its size, quality, and style, among other features. It can also provide health benefits in the long run since people will slouch less, and they can easily switch from sitting to standing at any time. Adding standing desks can potentially bring a great boost of energy to your office. 

Office Chairs

Similar to desks, office chairs have different features that serve different purposes. You just have to find the one that matches your needs. You can prioritize support and comfort. Chairs can be bought in bulk too, so look for wholesale suppliers around your area.

You can ask these questions when purchasing items for your office furniture setup:

  • Is the office chair compatible with our hybrid workspace plan?
  • Does the chair bring the convenience and style required to make it safe?
  • Is it adjustable and versatile enough for events and different office desks?
  • Does the chair provide support for good employee posture?

As for the last question, you may want to consider getting ergonomic chairs. These are designed to provide the best possible support for one’s body, especially taking into account posture, comfort, and health. Investing in ergonomically correct chairs prevents serious health problems in your employees such as neck and back pain, which can be distracting when working.


Weremote office setup

Setting up a hybrid workplace takes time yet is easy to accomplish with proper planning and designing. Knowing the employees’ preferences and trying to meet them in the middle with your business goals is an effective way to set it up. Most importantly, it should provide benefits for both you and your employees.

Start planning your hybrid workplace now! Weremote private office spaces are flexible and can be customized according to your company’s needs.

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