Coworking House Rules

Our mantra is “Be the person you want to work with” here’s our House Rules:

  • It’s a fun place to work, we get it but keep the excitement/ noise down

just enough that you don’t bother anyone

We have CCTVs all over but still take care of your things

Claygo! Let’s keep the nook and pantry clean always

We love that you support as but please 1 promo at a time

Be friendly and keep an open mind

Last one out? Don’t forget to turn off the lights and AC before you go.

The door will lock automatically

Let us know when something needs fixing or improving

Coworking and you have a guest? You are very welcome to use the couch at the reception, if you’d like to work together inside just pay at the reception and then you’re all good.

Wear whatever you want, it’s a free country. But nothing too revealing please

Renting out a meeting room and you have an extra person? That’s not a problem we don’t charge for an extra person. They do however, need to pay for their coffee. It’s P50 per cup.

Join our FB group “Weremote Coworking Community” we’re a tight knit, supportive group that is welcoming and willing to teach you if you need it. This will also allow usto add you in the group chatroom, that’s where the fun is!

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