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Weremote BGC, High Street
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Units 1702 & 1718, High Street South Corporate Plaza Tower 2
26th Street corner 11th Avenue Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Get a Private Office or Virtual Office in BGC today. In partnership with LGO Connects by Lgorithm Solutions, Weremote High Street provides flexible workspaces and technology solutions to companies looking to have a premium business address in Bonifacio Global City.   

Strategically located near the recreation and shopping hotspot Bonifacio High Street, Weremote High Street brings you world-class spaces, business-class amenities and equipment, shared services, and everything you need to help your business grow. Whether you’re an established business or are just starting out, our serviced offices in BGC may be just what you need to level up. Join us and be part of our community of business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals working toward success.

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Single Origin, Soru Izakaya, Locavore, Sariwon Korean Barbecue, Mango Tree, Tomatito, Mendokoro Ramenba, Mamou

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Uptown Bonifacio, Venice Grand Canal Mall, One Bonifacio High Street by Ayala Malls, Market! Market!, SM Aura Premier, Rustan’s

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The Color Bar, HappyWorld Museum, Miracle Art, Mind Museum, Burgos Circle, Fully-Booked, Mercato Centrale

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Grand Hyatt Manila, ZEN Home at Icon Plaza BGC, Seda Bonifacio Global City, Shangri-La at the Fort, Ascott Bonifacio Global City

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Nearby Stations: Ayala, Magallanes, MRT 3 Boni Station (North Entrance)


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Free Parking

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Photo Studio

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Free Coffee, Tea, & Water

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Game Room

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Kitchen & Pantry

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Getting Started

This is the future of work. From the traditional desk-and-chair, square cubicles that characterized the old office landscape, we now transition to coworking. This simple but revolutionary concept is where you can experience beautifully built offices, 

flexible all-in-one monthly plans with complete amenities, and a collaborative community that you can learn from and help you build. This setup is perfect for Startups, Freelancers and other ventures that want to grow their business to the next level.

No Setup Required, Budget-Friendly, Time Saving, Flexible Plans and packages readily available, Enjoy Business Class Amenities that comes with your Membership, Networking, Free Events & Membership Perks

Choose Weremote as a partner. We treat every client as a business partner that we can grow together. We will provide you with everything you need from Workspaces, Shared Services, Staff Housing, Equipment, Business Registration, Finding you the right people and more. Grow with us, today.

Make your business official without having to apply, fill out forms, queue long lines. Don’t trouble yourself by going back and forth to government offices. Select from our plans, save time and money. Let us worry about the technicalities so you can focus on growing your business. See your options here.


See what people are saying.

Great place for working productively. Reliable internet connection, great ambiance, and well-stocked with necessities
ACNPEu965NyQpq B9asUpSaKUCQq9Di0zcqk1YicXCsCcg=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 ba4 br100 - BGC High Street
Richmond S.
03:50 26 Oct 22
Great place for co-working! The ambience is very comfortable compared to other co-working spaces that tend to feel lifeless. They also have private offices, creative studios, and common areas.
ACNPEu io4g9zp5nm8 lLF7TRPwpCIG983rYcPSUAAKz6g=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 ba4 br100 - BGC High Street
Jan-Daniel B.
06:07 08 May 22
Variety of meetings rooms, free coffee and water, helpful staff!
ACNPEu9XCslYxOEJdgiLS99DkKaMlFipAX30LLtehb86=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 ba3 br100 - BGC High Street
Karl O.
02:47 30 Dec 21
Cozy ambiance, pet friendly work place and very accommodating staff.
ACNPEu9FTsAhH146A1w7a5Njnp9lpiEIsZCKZJt59msy0w=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
Rene M.
03:00 11 Oct 21
Great location, professional service, various amenities and parking!A complete working environment for any business. Definitely value for money considering its strategic address in Ortigas. Highly recommended!
ACNPEu9nczQByzlsnljJHrGOnAcJswhEo9q6VlsQMRru5A=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
James C.
08:21 11 Mar 21
One of the best, if not the best, coworking places for me! It's located at the center of Metro Manila (very, very accessible for everybody!) and has a really spacious parking space (cheap parking also, considering it's in a business district). Internet is fast, plenty of food establishments nearby, and friendly staff. Love it here!
ACNPEu wt2SNSjDTe75o285W7Q92qiFwtAuy9R7Te 5VhIs=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 ba3 br100 - BGC High Street
Ace G.
07:48 11 Mar 21
First off, Dr. Jose Rizal brought us here! Was about to sign up w/ another brand (& equally good one, to be fair) but w/ Lolo Jose on the mural, this clinched the deal. Seriously, we couldn’t have found a better office. We are immensely grateful. Weremote truly cares for startups (& struggling founders who need 50 hours in a day). Like seriously, if there is no Covid-19, I might even sleep there! Thank u, Weremote team, for making us feel you are friends/family.This phase—while really challenging—is being made lighter by partners like you—professional, kind, attentive, & really goes the extra mile. Not to mention, true nationalists! Kudos & God bless! You’re all welcome to Anna’s Trees and El Rio Bamboo (in Aurora) hopefully in less than a year’s time! Just bring tents and kulambo, haha! Guys, you rock! Thank u so so much from the bottom of our hearts! - from all of us in Anna's Trees
ACNPEu8AQSG WqlhRECnlU7tPN1eb4MW0HoTdPgscSYr=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
Mary Anne V.
17:55 04 Jan 21
I would love to bring my creative team to this amazing coworking space!
ALm5wu3WlFHPqgadjwkArUDFHKPdZKrAcOkORoNHS MK=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
02:27 18 Jun 20
ACNPEu8tMOrEh8MDYt9VN1H4V9uOuxOgGnR0 YjH5eoptW4=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 ba2 br100 - BGC High Street
Kristoffer C.
09:32 17 Jun 20
The best place 🙂
ACNPEu8NDP1zGXgd7BxME9tgB2R3WIMH6TgGXZPiqXQa=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
Cris C.
11:05 28 Oct 19
A great place 🙂
ACNPEu9weEFluQh9Lb  WTMD4i 8McSKABbQiyJkFbdPbw=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
Kimberly S.
15:25 24 Oct 19
Good working space for professionals and freelancers
ACNPEu9rJfHjKzHZXtt 2D8K oUg9OuW TbXt0855CeWpA=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
Alfred Jerald A.
01:57 23 Oct 19
Been to different coworkng spaces and only did I found a shower room at. Weremote something that really stands out. Plus you get the comfort of your own space, own privacy, and world. I just hope they could also put up a branch in BGC where I am near.
ACNPEu89EIvUpVo9sziMwdbMyqOLrMCIH6Bi2AbX0rQZ=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
08:18 09 Oct 19
Awesome space with awesome people! Great place to work and think creatively.
ACNPEu A3zuKxhqL4v9GqNk2EpWKq6K67JC080FPqBFZHZE=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
Christian P.
03:01 23 Sep 19
This place is awesome and big. Fast internet. You can come and visit here.
ACNPEu9o5Sa gu1VT9hOm0gwI3fgVqE 2UVgVO8fGqqjVtI=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
Felice F.
09:16 13 Sep 19
I have been to coworking spaces in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and this one by far has the best amenities.If you call, someone at the location will answer.The WiFi performance with and without vpn was solid.The staff was friendly and speaks fluent English. The phone booths are actually sound proof, unlike other places. There are plenty of meeting rooms. There is a space to sleep and they charge by the hour to use the beds. There is a room for podcasts. There is a shower available. There is a kitchen with a microwave, sink, refrigerator, coffee, drinking water, and some dishes. There are lockers for members. There is a space for training events and a space for a small, temporary, computerized testing center.Great location, gyms for weights, boxing, and martial arts in walking distance.
ACNPEu879ifj 1S2jb8xvhERMTwMe6xQ3ImZqT2GWeI=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 ba3 br100 - BGC High Street
Rob G.
08:24 12 Aug 19
Awesome amenities, cool staff, and vibrant interiors. Weremote is THE place in Ortigas to network and cowork with fellow freelancers!
ACNPEu Izr2tZ3tyddZ7JsEe r G Iop0TAFsyI1DZ37lw=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
Catherine C.
07:58 27 Jun 19
We had an event there the other weekend for a Freelance group meet-up, the space is huge and really comfy. Very conducive for work, I can stay there all day. It's a great venue to work there when you want some peace and quiet.
ALm5wu0NIcNfNoLiI5k ceMaHH0tSstW8FklQbZa0zT5=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
Ria C.
01:51 26 Mar 19
Highly recommended coworking space for freelancers like us. It’s clean, spacious, and cozy!
ALm5wu1NJnkIF6muNcGrA5j7ZgB YsUGKGME1GK6z1KO=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
Julie C.
03:38 25 Mar 19
Definitely a must try specially if you are looking for a one-stop coworking hub.
ACNPEu8vwTnQAvPbtgRjkue0U7fROM4lIw8PuuQ39QVAKQ=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
Joy T.
01:05 25 Mar 19
Awesome place, quite big and has a podcast and photography studio as well. Probably the best co-working space in the metro.
ACNPEu8iu pdf1TU2ymEGK6YTb 95hitCGhLtU5 NDJ5yrI=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
Roman M.
10:34 19 Mar 19
This place is amazing and very spacious. 😊👌 I like the arts and creativity of that office. Unique and very cool 👍
ACNPEu ySVFFCxhm7pZkD9auRXlgwMdh6OqkbZiIibNlvA=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
Tasha D.
11:10 23 Feb 19
So nice to finally visit @weremoteph, the newest to offer coworking space and shared office space in Ortigas. It has its own photo studio, podcast studio and offers FREE parking. They will also have medical clinic and sleeping quarters. The owner Carlo is also open to pricematch if your existing shared office or coworking space is less than what they charge at this early stage. Do not know of any of its kind that offers the same benefits. Located in Metrowalk’s second floor, WeremotePh is open 24/7 for freelancers, small companies, BPO’s et cetera. For as low as Php 450 a day, freelancers like me who are serious about getting things done should check this out soon. It is a great deal!.
ACNPEu pKGfZCu9PBlNFt9Jqj8FvzqKzHUWVPRAjrW7tOmY=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 ba6 br100 - BGC High Street
maria rona B.
03:17 16 Feb 19
As a start-up company, we've been into a lot of co-working spaces here in Pasig and Mandaluyong area, and we must say that Weremote co-working space has the best facility. We've been into Loft, Servrevo, Builtable, STKD Zepellin–co-working spaces near ortigas and we therefore say that this co-working place tops all of the said places. Plus they're giving group discounts for startup companies like us which is awesome! This is a newly-built huge co-working place so you better try this out! 🙂
ACNPEu zrXxaq85zehLK5QHE7sQoTS9PHijPz7G2n3nBXg=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
Jaysel D.
08:19 15 Feb 19
This is the best place to do your works. The ambiance there is very relaxing. Staff are also friendly and very accommodating! Best for freelancers and remote workers.#Weremote
ACNPEu s2JpyL0kkPPCOk37dJGqjs Uap7 fAOfTJsYMjA=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
LVMoto T.
06:48 15 Feb 19
To all freelancers and remote workers out there, this is definitely one of the best co-working places here near Pasig/Mandaluyong! If you're looking for something new and fancy place to work, this is it! a perfect place to reach your peak productivity. Plus the commute here is so convenient as it is located just within the Metrowalk area! :)) The place is big enough that the noise are being reduced– you don't have to worry about cramped noisy co-working spaces anymore lol (as it was our problem with our last co-working place, the location was in a condo type room and ceilings were too low that you can hear almost every convo that is being held in that place!)++for their free yummy coffee! xD++for this sooo instagram-able co-working place!
ACNPEu 7eTNC007HmUqWU797b7NA729LMJMaj4RGmqmYFA=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
Jessa D.
04:03 15 Feb 19
Weremote is a great place to work in. Newly built and very welcoming. The staff also are very accomodating no doubt. I'll recommend this to my cofreelancers. Thanks weremote!
ACNPEu8fCA5hKV6Sm9jgipAsaA1anGBacp85Tcp8TUZmuw=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
Paulo T.
04:02 15 Feb 19
Great place and security. Helpful staff. Awesome office set-ups. Clean, airy, with lots of available working spaces/stations/tables. Free flowing coffee and water dispenser. Haven’t had the chance to access their wifi yet tho. Location is convenient with various restaurants just outside the office, but far from public transit (i.e. MRT).
ALm5wu39xvkMkCag4NCYXvvgrHUXknyquNs3uVC37kbKgg=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 ba3 br100 - BGC High Street
Ji-Le T.
13:03 13 Aug 19
I love the set up at Weremote. They have wide tables, lounges, rooms you can choose depending on the kind of event. Separate pantry...Ample parking space available, vast array of eating places you can choose around Ortigas...I could go on and on...This is a 👌👌👌👌👌
ACNPEu93488WBvr8H1 DxsBjo1AcAMfaZJX3rOuRPLT5Lg=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 ba3 br100 - BGC High Street
Elena S.
02:52 05 Apr 19
Great co-working space. Hot sometimes (maybe because there are not a lot of people and they turn off AC)
ACNPEu8kgJ1ZTZ4EqECWJly 9b6JkmcCpaCaZ2BTpTXa=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 ba5 br100 - BGC High Street
Nina Santiago M.
15:33 02 Apr 19
Perfect place to do your tasks, while you're in one of the business city districts. Calm and organized in this space.
ACNPEu x1TGQ00OM51XCXobJFy3afVZ8QM6uC2KDeJlSDA=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
Megan C.
15:18 29 Jan 19
Sorry but the temperature was a big deal breaker for me. It was kinda suffocating with face masks on :/ The facility was still good though!
ACNPEu swhTxrnHkigLkk3FJMBouXT0EJcmmNt7WRXh7XDA=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
Berna O
06:15 30 Sep 22
Leaks on our room during the rain. Lady at reception isn't friendly. They shouldn't be skeptic if we have the room availed or not if we already paid in advance.
ACNPEu ELH EIYOPTRVfOyY3dZGa 4FBbNal03JfjazF=s120 c c0x00000000 cc rp mo s56 br100 - BGC High Street
Juan Antonio Luis B.
00:18 03 Jun 22

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