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snug room

These peaceful nooks are outfitted with creature comforts to make your well-deserved shut-eye a dreamy time indeed.

Did you know that employees are actually thriving more in coworking spaces rather than in traditional office sites? Numerous studies conducted over the years testify to this fact, which might not come as a surprise for freelancers, startup companies, or anyone who’s used a coworking space before. After all, as these studies also found, those who use coworking spaces tend to view their work as more meaningful and, therefore, find more satisfaction in doing it, and doing it well.

We have seen how the freelancing industry is in a constant rise over the past years. Moreover, solopreneurs are popping out just about everywhere. Each and everyone of these like-minded individuals is trying to strike a balance between following a routine that brings out their peak productivity, with a professional environment that doesn’t limit their creative process–and coworking spaces provide that balance.  WeRemote also gives you a spot where you can rest.

Enter our very comfortable, very cozy Snug Rooms. These peaceful nooks are outfitted with creature comforts to make your well-deserved shut-eye a dreamy time indeed. They’re private rooms tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main areas, and will buffer you from outside noise and distractions. Catch up on your forty winks and maybe even dream up your next big project, or simply relax and reorient yourself away from the frenetic action outside.

And alongside these pockets of relaxation are other amenities that will further help you catch your breath. We have a well-stocked pantry with a coffee machine ready to brew you a warm cup and a communal break area with a cozy lounge where you can, literally, sit back and relax. In addition to this, WeRemote has inspiring interiors that can really help get you in the productive mood, and the little bonus fact that we are open 24/7.

We know for a fact that working hard is important, but it is just as important to give yourself a break every now and then to recharge and regroup for your next big hustle. So even though WeRemote offers unlimited, delicious coffee, sometimes all you really need is a quick nap.

So try and beat the mid-day slump, and catch some zzz’s in one of our snug rooms. If you have any questions about our services and lease packages, you can reach us at +63-917- 623-3674 and +632 216 3429 or email us at [email protected].

Amenities, Services, & Perks

Open 24/7

Inspiring Interiors


Snug Room

Photo Studio

Podcast Studio

Fiber Optic Internet

Unlimited Coffee

Exclusive Lounge

Onsite Clinic

Secure Lockers

Game Room

Kitchen & Pantry

Private Booths

Onsite Staff

Daily Cleaning

Shower Use

Printer & Scanners

Intrerview Rooms

Testing Room for Applicants

Events Place

Business Address & Mail Handling

Note: All amenities can be enjoyed by monthly paying members.

WeRemote guarantees that you and your team will always have a place in the fast-paced, highly competitive entrepreneurial world. To learn more about our dedicated desks, contact us at [email protected], or at +63-917-623-3674 and +632-216-3429. 

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