Workspace Solutions

Weremote is here to inspire, motivate, and enhance the quality of work productivity, business operations, and convenient access to on-demand workspace solutions, to help freelancers, like-minded professionals, and entrepreneurs with their ambitions.

Private Spaces

a workspace that's all yours always.

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Private Offices

A private space ideal for professionals to get work done.

✓ 24/7 Access to the space
✓ Unlimited Coffee, Tea & Water
✓ Pet-friendly office

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    Storage Spaces

   Protect and secure your belongings.

    ✓ 24/7 Security
   ✓ Monthly Maintenance
   ✓ Daily Cleaning

Shared Workpaces

The space you need, only when you need it

Meeting Spaces

conduct professional conferences with your team.

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    Meeting Rooms

    Plan, Organize, & Execute. Ideal for
    private meeting sessions.

   ✓ Large space for 8-15 people
   ✓ High-quality audiovisuals
   ✓ Free Coffee, Tea & Water.

Production Spaces

Produce your content here

Weremote Recording Studio Ortigas piujc3pho60kylxxxlwly3o9e520d708usn42vxqv6 - Solutions

    Recording Studio

    Create audio masterpieces, and make
    your voice heard, Ideal for Podcasters,
    Music Artists, and Trainers.

   ✓ State-of-the-art recording and
   broadcasting equipment>
   ✓ High speed, stable internet
   ✓ Sound-proof rooms for privacy

Weremote Photo Studio Ortigas piujq6chzva4sfi0r6wis1tpktoum1vkgg9tr12jpe - Solutions

    Photo Studio

    Produce inspiring photographs, ideal for
    professional photographers.

   ✓ State-of-the-art photo studio
   ✓ Efficient room with a great source of
   ✓ Spacious studio for endless photo

Remote Workspaces

Work where you want, be motivated. Spend your workcations here.

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Remote Work Packages

Better productivity than working at home.

✓ Flexible work, Flexible accommodation
✓ Great Locations
✓ Enjoy work at your own pace

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