Young, Driven, and not Broke: A Beginner’s Guide on How to Start a Business Online

Young, Driven, and not Broke: A Beginner’s Guide on How to Start a Business Online

You could be a fresh grad, a professional working a 9 to 5 job, a hardworking individual in the BPO industry, or somebody who just gave birth to an idea of a massive project for a startup or maybe start an online business. Whatever it is your act in life must be, there’s always this saying that goes: “Good things come to those who hustle,” and this is broadly evident because of the opportunities that will come your way once you take that leap of faith.  

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It seems difficult to begin when you don’t know where to start. Being here and there becomes a thought-provoking idea when you’re stuck in a tide between your dreams and everything you need to accomplish. It seems arbitrary to be inspired by well-known CEOs who made it big after starting from scratch. Take for example Mark Zuckerberg, or Bill Gates, two prominent names in the business and tech industry that have shaped the economy and the way people lead their lives.  

Where do we see ourselves in this grand hall of fame? It’s like we are merely watchers of a glorious race, waiting for a monumental moment to be born – in a society that is already driven by commercialization and frivolity. We ask ourselves next “Could I ever make a spectacle of these dreams I seek to pursue?” 


We spend years of our lives figuring out what our purpose is and what we want to do for the rest of our lives. Some of us make timelines, and lists of goals, while others go with the flow. There’s clearly no established rule on how we’re supposed to achieve what we set our minds to; however, you must know that there is a definitive characteristic that takes you on the sail.  

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You don’t have to rush to your destination, enjoy the bumpy roads, learn from the flat tire, and admire the journey you will embark on. Notice the sky, and how wonderful it is when it clears after a storm. It’s like what Edison says, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” 

One notable true-to-life story of a dream made into reality is the Weremote Coworking Space. A concept of a desk that has evolved into a stream of innovation for like-minded creatives. In the height of 2019’s obstacles, the founder of Weremote turned the disadvantage of staying indoors, into a window of opportunity that will allow hustling individuals to work in a place where comfort meets the spark of inspiration. When the Startup opened its doors to the public, it welcomed a diverse crowd of individuals, from freelancers, eCommerce Sellers, Small Business Owners, to Students and Professionals. The startup Weremote continues to grow in number and achievements as the founder and his team work with grit and tenacity – patched unto their working hands like a handprint.  

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You could be any age in the demographic population and be endlessly curious about what to do next. Know that it is absolutely okay. Life is a ship, and you are the pilot. There must be no rush in deciphering the mysteries of the world, all you have to do is exist, you need not earn your place in the world, let alone society.  

A piece of advice, take it slow. There’s no need to figure everything out in an hour. If you have a dream, work for it, allot hours from each day to work on the project you want to pursue, be it a small business café, a book in writing, software, a game, an application, direct your effort towards healthy thinking and progress. Become the first person who believes in what you are capable of doing.  

American journalist, Elizabeth Gilbert shared in a social media post: “You are not required to justify your existence on Earth through constant improvement. You are not a Fortune 500 Company; you don’t have to show increasing profits. You don’t have to earn your right to be here, by putting yourself to higher and higher standards. You just get to be here, you belong here, you are loved on Earth.”  

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If you’ve ever read or come across the eminent stories of J.K. Rowling, you would be bamboozled to find out that the novel series Harry Potter, was turned down by 12 publishers before it received its first sweet and resounding “Yes!” Rejection is tough, but it also allows us to learn and keep our feet in motion. As we learn, we question ourselves, and we fill our heads with question marks, as though our brains were a glass of refillable iced tea.  

Am I doing enough?”  

“What if I fail?”  

“How will other people react to this?” 

Our internal question and answer go on in a loop of infinity. Staying driven doesn’t mean exhausting yourself, and turning stress and sleeplessness into a medallion. Embodying the characteristic of being driven is personified in moments when we decide to rest, after working 14 hours on a project, or in moments when we decide to try again after failing for the 17th time. Being driven is not parallel to disregarding our human physiological need, like sleep, food, water, and happiness.  

Fulfillment doesn’t have to be painful. Some people have it the other way around when we decide to believe that sleeplessness, restlessness, and dehydration are what mold a successful person.  

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Not Broke

There’s a medical term called “Triage,” which is the assignment of degrees of urgency for treatment of patients and casualties. The same medical term can be closely applied to daily life. Let’s say you’ve figured out what you’re passionate about and you want to start your business by becoming a legitimate member of the industry.  

The questions you should ask yourself include: 

  1. What is the problem my product or service solves? 
  1. What requirements do I need to be legitimized?  
  1. How difficult is it to register my business? 
  1. Can I build a network for partnerships? 
  1. Is it safer to build my business as a sole-proprietor? 
  1. When can I launch after being legit? 

Above are some of the basic questions that a new entrepreneur would ask, in the first steps of its business progress. In the popular 1999 film “The Matrix,” a philosophical choice was posed which asked “the blue pill or the red pill?” These two pills represent two polar opposite realities, where the red pill would offer the willingness to learn a life-altering truth, and the blue pill would offer solidarity in being content with the way things are. If we take this perspective in business and life balance and prioritization, the red pill would represent the reality of embracing hard work and setting part of our time and resources for the betterment of the goals we desire to achieve. This could be in the form of saving our salary from our corporate job, to invest in our future business, rather than splurging on monthly sales. This could also be in the form of time management, where we choose to accept the reality that there are only 24 hours in a day, and we need 8 hours of sleep, a portion of our time must be allocated towards what matters most.  

When we decide to take the metaphorical “blue pill,” we shrink ourselves in places we have already outgrown. We become accustomed to slacking, putting things aside, and waiting on a miracle to happen for us before we decide to move a muscle in accomplishing our long list of goals.  

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The How To's

You’re ready to give it a go, you’ve finally set your dedication towards the goals you feel strongly for. It’s difficult to manage things alone, imagine the pile of paperwork, and long lines that you would have to surpass to begin – as a legitimize member of the industry.  

You must know, that working smart is far better than simply working hard. When you work smart, you begin in smooth-sailing waters, you don’t spend your precious time on shore, waiting for the most perfect weather to sail.  

In starting a business, you don’t begin by lining up for 3 hours only to find out that your requirements are incomplete, and you have to go again the next day and stand for another 3 hours to begin processing at a costlier rate. Working smart can be registering your business in a cheaper and safer way, with the helping hands and technology of Weremote – the startup company discussed earlier. The helpful and friendly approach of Weremote guarantees the security and establishment of your business.  

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What business are you building? A tutorial center, a bakery? It could be anything, and you can still enjoy the perks and wonders of legitimacy through the Weremote Virtual Office, an astounding pathway to getting your business on the tracks of speed and success.  


Like earlier discussed, your greatest disadvantage is withholding your potential. Brush the fear aside and start doing what you’re passionate about, writing a book as a freelance author, building a coffee shop, vlogging, dancing, whatever it may be, pool your skills together and make your success happen for yourself. Regardless of your age, you are young, and you can build a business of your own, you just have to take the first step.  

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