10 Book Recommendations for Remote Work

Remote work has been a boon and a bane for employers throughout the pandemic. Though many companies have been able to save on office maintenance, it’s also proven difficult to foster a culture of camaraderie among employees and enforce proper work-life boundaries among them. Fortunately, remote work has also seen the rise of coworking spaces […]

Leveling Up to a Private Office in a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces usually offer open-plan offices. It house freelancers mingling, collaborating, and building communities across their divider-less desks. The productive and collaborative atmosphere that this kind of working environment creates can help remote workers and startups thrive. Once you feel your business has outgrown the open workspace, however, there’s always another option: leveling up to […]

Coworking as Part of a Job Offer for a Remote Team

The COVID-19 pandemic compelled the world to work from home and, consequently, consider remote work as the new norm. The term “remote work” grew synonymous with “coworking” and coworking spaces, especially for freelancers and remote workers. Here, they could enjoy the amenities of a traditional office but with the flexibility of a work-from-home setup. Although […]

How to Make Coworking Spaces Work for You

If you properly utilize coworking spaces, they may help you develop your business, give you a better work-life balance, and help you gain meaningful relationships with your co-workers. Here’s how.

Fuel Your Focus: 10 Proven Productivity Tips for the New Year

Weremote MCS Productivity

Embrace the new year with a drive for enhanced productivity and professional growth. Our blog offers 10 essential tips to fuel your focus and elevate your efficiency. From insightful self-reflection and clear goal-setting to optimizing the use of coworking spaces like Weremote, these strategies are tailored to boost your success. Discover how to structure your workday effectively, leverage technology for increased productivity, and find the perfect balance between work and life. Dive into our blog for these transformative tips and start your journey towards a more productive and fulfilling year.

Coworking Space vs. Working from Home

The pandemic has forced most employees to work from home. It has also boosted the stock of a new working setup called coworking spaces. And so, in this “new normal,” companies—especially startups—find themselves with a choice to make: Would it be coworking spaces or working from home for their employees? Being able to work from […]

Coworking: Built for the Future and the Future of Businesses

The average person will spend a third of their life at work. No wonder people are doing all they can to make the time they spend there worthwhile, comfortable, and enjoyable. One way businesses and freelancers are trying to achieve this is by making the shift from traditional offices to coworking spaces. If anyone had […]

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