Weremote Philippines #wrvloglogs campaign

Weremote Philippines #wrvloglogs campaign is empowering content creators and  remote professionals by highlighting what they love about the career they chose.

Join our #wrvloglogs campaign & win a sweet vacation for 2 to Boracay or Bohol, your choice! All you need to do is submit a vlog entry at bit.ly/wrvloglogs & tell your friends to vote for you!

Are you a Content Creator?  Vlogger? Freelancer? This giveaway is perfect for you. Weremote is launching this contest for all you good people who work creatively, online, or remotely. 

Content Creators such as Vloggers, Streamers, and Podcasters have quickly become a growing community of influencers over the years, there is no better time to start this career than now. This is why Weremote built a fully equipped Podcast studio and an upcoming Photo studio to cater to all creatives out there that want to make quality content.  

The Freelancing community in the Philippines has been here steadily for years, and we should all shed some much-deserved light into the everyday lives of our fellow Freelancers.  

Freelancers, home-based and remote professionals deserve as much recognition as those of us winging 9 to 5 jobs.

Weremote Philippines loves and fully supports the Creative and Freelancing community and this is exactly the reason why we’re doing this awesome giveaway contest. So if you’re a Freelancer yourself, a content creator, a vlogger, have someone in mind or you want to make a jump to any of the above.

Here’s How To Join:

  • Create a 3 (minimum) to 8-minute (maximum) video about YOURSELF. Tell us about what drives you and what your passion is all about
  • Submit your vlog entry at bit.ly/wrvloglogs 
  • Share your entry and rally your friends to vote for you!
  • Get as creative as you’d  like
  • The entry who has the most votes by Feb. 28, 2020 wins
  • See the full terms and conditions here.

And Win These Prizes: 

  • Roundtrip airfare for 2 to either Bohol or Boracay
  • 2 nights accommodation for 2
  • Breakfast for 2
  • Hotel transfers to and from the airport upon arrival to destination for 2
  • Cool Weremote Swag

You can start sending in  your entries starting today at bit.ly/wrvloglogs

We know vlogs take time to make, you can submit your entries until February 21st, to give ample time for your entry to accumulate votes. Let’s all spread awareness about the Freelancing and Creative scene.  

There are an estimated 1.8 million freelancers in the Philippines right now and as enticing as it sounds, there are a number of risks that involve being an independent Freelancer, like getting clients, getting yourself paid and the benefits you lose when you exit out of the corporate world, but where can you work? Where can you get your creative juices flowing? This is where Weremote Philippines comes in. Weremote is building a job platform that will help everyone get the right clients coming in, and a coworking space that gives its members the best collaborative environment to work in with first-class amenities in the heart of Ortigas. 

Our partners Payoneer and ALLCARE can take care of your payments and all of your HMO +Benefit worries. If you’re into Content Creation you can join Blogapalooza and Podcast Network Asia. Know more about the trade, tips, tricks and meet your fellow creators and monetize.

There are a lot of success stories about  Freelancers and Content Creators out there and there are struggles as well, nonetheless, we’d love to hear it from you. Why are you creating? Why are you freelancing? What’s your story? Tell us all about it here.

Watch the  campaign video below:

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