Weremote Statement on Partnership With Signet Properties

Weremote clarifies that it is taking the necessary steps in investigating and reviewing its partnership with Signet Properties.

Ortigas, Metro Manila, August 19, 2022 — Today, coworking space operator Weremote announced that it is taking steps in response to concerns regarding its partnership with real estate advertising firm, Signet Properties. 

On June 22, 2022, Signet Properties and Weremote announced their partnership that aimed to reach a wider market and offer more opportunities for companies to collaborate and grow their business. 

Since the announcement of this collaboration, Weremote has received messages from concerned clients about how this partnership may be detrimental to the company. This is due to the issues surrounding Signet Properties CEO and Founder, Andre Mercado, who also runs Flint Technology. Flint was flagged by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2021 for offering unauthorized investments to the public. 

In light of this, Weremote has declared that it is taking statements and concerns seriously.  

“We are doing an internal review of the process and engagement with Signet Properties, and we will do the appropriate and necessary actions to address this issue and uphold the values of transparency, integrity, and social responsibility,” Weremote Co-CEO Patricia Reposo stated.  

As the country’s largest network of flexible workspaces, Weremote values quality partnerships and services that benefit its community of startups, small and established businesses, freelancers, and professionals. It is committed to providing its community and industry partners with cost-efficient, technology-based solutions for business growth. 

If you have questions or clarifications regarding this matter, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Patricia Reposo, Co-CEO [trish@weremote.com]

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