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Our Story

Weremote opened its doors to its Coworking Space in February 2019 and has evolved over the years into an advocate platform for Startups, Small Businesses, eCommerce Sellers, Freelancers,  Professionals, and anyone looking to hire top talent in the Philippines. Weremote provides all the infrastructure you need to run an enterprise business, from Office Spaces, Enterprise-Grade Internet, to Computers & Tablets, Gadgets, Furniture, Shipping Supplies, and Business Support Services, Weremote has everything you need to help your business grow to the next level.

Strategically located in Ortigas, the Center of Metro Manila, it’s the best place to run your business from. From hiring top talent, building your team, setting up your workspace, even shipping your products to your customers within record times, Weremote can help you get things done and provide you with all the tools so you can give your customers that amazing customer service they deserve. If you’re looking for that next product or service to help your business grow or if you’re tired of working from home and need a breath of fresh air, Weremote is the place to be.

About Us

We are on a mission to build the largest network of flexible spaces in the Philippines. We believe that entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, and companies should have easy access to spaces on demand from wherever they are.

We provide a technology-based solution for: 

Employees & Professionals: a nationwide network of workspaces and co-living spaces, with thousands of desks, meeting rooms, and beds available for booking on-demand through our Weremote platform.

Employers: A simple way for you to provide a workspace/staff housing solution to your employees with reduced costs, streamlined billing, and maximum flexibility to scale up and down as needed.

We believe that the way people work has changed forever and Weremote wants to help you make that transition from traditional work to the new way to work, which is a hybrid approach of remote and office. This enables you to attract and retain the best talent in the country.

This is the future of work. We are the future of work.

About Weremote - About

Weremote on Demand Spaces

Wermote+ is an online platform and mobile application utilized for booking coworking spaces whenever you are. An innovative program towards coworking spaces made convenient and accessible. Weremote on Demand extends coworking office renting for the convenience of professional freelancers, startups, small business owners, and entrepreneurs looking for workspace solutions anytime, anywhere, wherever.

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