Coworking Space Event Ideas and Tips

As you may already have been aware, coworking spaces have become increasingly popular and well-loved by professionals and companies over the last 10years or so. Independent workers and freelancers enjoy collaborating and networking in coworking spaces outside of their homes or traditional offices. 

Although it could appear that the pandemic was to blame for the rise in popularity of coworking spaces, that isn’t entirely true. Coworking spaces were the rapidly expanding type of office space in the commercial sector even before COVID-19 made an impact around the world.

Reasons Why Hosting Coworking Events is a Good Idea

The emergence of coworking space events has gained traction along with the growth of the coworking community as a whole. Different events such as launch parties, demo days, panel discussions can provide you a loyal following and customer base. 

Facilitating coworking events creates more opportunities to provide current members of the space more value. The concept of hosting events at coworking spaces to foster community is now widely recognized by different industries. Here are the three main reasons to take note of:

  • Community building in a shared workspace
  • Providing more opportunities for current members to learn new skills
  • Serves as a marketing tool to attract potential members

How to Nail Your Coworking Space Event

The most significant factor to take into account when planning a coworking space event is to identify the needs and interests of your members, as well as knowing what they currently enjoy. You must be aware of the preferences of paying members in order to determine the best course of action. This will enable you to increase your revenue in the long run.

Beforehand, you can do a coworking event survey. Distributing a survey to learn more about workspace users is a good strategy. You can ask as many relevant questions as possible, but a few examples are as follows:

  • What types of events are they most likely going to attend (team-building, corporate, or family events)
  • Do they prefer going to online or in-person events?
  • What do they want to learn more about or see more of?

You can now begin moving forward once you have this feedback from current members. This provides you with a plethora of insights and information that serve as a guide in your decision-making over the best possible coworking event concepts to host in the future.

It’s a must to make sure that everyone is informed of the activities you want to hold in the coworking space after deciding on them. This can be applicable to community members, current members, and non-members.

Coworking Space Event Ideas

There’s a wide variety of activities that can be organized to keep current members interested and attract potential members who might appreciate spending their day in a coworking space. 

The event roster could include anything, from tech talks to leadership seminars. We’ll go into some of our top picks when it comes to coworking event ideas. Get creative and you can come up with your own by using these as a starting point.

  • Inviting investors or industry leaders to lead a conference

The opportunity to speak with an investor will be valued by many tech enthusiasts and other members. After all, in order to advance, the majority of businesses require funding. You can talk to any investors in your network about hosting a quick Q&A session. Ensure that it is understood that the investor is not under any obligation and is only there to provide information.

  • Hosting game nights or “happy hours”

You have two possible choices for you to be able to invite more members in. First, every Friday (or another day), you can host a happy hour. Be sure to also have food and refreshments prepared. Second, the event could be held at a nearby pub or bar. After a long week, everyone can go there to network and mingle.

  • Free pass days for attracting new members

Free pass days are a powerful strategy for a coworking space owner to demonstrate what they have to offer to guests who are not members. Try to think about the details that members could probably overlook, and from there you can highlight your facilities and amenities. This is a simple approach that won’t require a lot of time or work to make. It’s a great idea to welcome friends and coworkers now, both old and new members. 

  • Launch parties for coworking communities

Hosting launch parties can bring more awareness to a certain product or service while fostering new connections at the same time. Finding out how many members are interested in a service or product can be made possible through this type of event. Interaction among the guests and coworking community is also essential.

  • Open forums and hackathons

A hackathon or design challenge is one means to promote intentional networking. Teams may work together to find a solution. A group of judges will review each solution after the week is complete. Planning for this may be more extensive than for other events. It’s an excellent introduction to your industry, whether someone is already involved in software development or is simply looking to learn something new. Collaborate with some of your current members to support the event, and as a thank-you, think about offering them a discount on their bill for the next month. Make sure this event is on the calendar if you’re looking to hire freelance designers, project management specialists, or techies.

  • Wellness and mindfulness classes

The concept of hosting a mindfulness group is popular among coworking spaces. People are more inclined to participate in mindfulness exercises when there is a set time for doing so. This event doesn’t necessarily have to take place at the coworking space just because it is being hosted there. Try those if there are any pleasant outdoor spaces close by. Develop a free platform that enables users to relax while enhancing their well-being.

  • Establishing a book club

We’ve seen that many people find satisfaction in reading, whether it’s for leisure or to learn something new. People might connect with others who share their enthusiasm for reading by starting a book club. Simply form a group, select a book for everyone to read, and then unwind with drinks and conversation at the end of the month.

Final Thoughts

It may seem difficult and overwhelming to host a successful event, especially if your coworking space is just getting started. Just keep in mind to optimize them according to your members when you find the ones that work for you. 

What do they like to do? How do they wish to interact with their neighborhood? How frequently do they want these occurrences to occur? When you know the answers to these questions, it would be easier to plan events that truly unite your community, improve the member experience, and ultimately expand your coworking space.

The heart and soul of your coworking space is the community. Both online and face-to-face activities in coworking spaces are excellent for creating this sense of community. You can find such a collaborative environment in Weremote, the coworking brand that is more than just spaces. Not only does it offer thoughtfully designed work amenities that go beyond the physical, fostering a culture of success and innovation, but event spaces as well that help develop camaraderie and harmony among their users. 

If you want to keep exploring about coworking spaces in Metro Manila, you can learn more about hybrid work by reading this article for your reference.

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