Weremote: Why It’s More Than Just Spaces

One of the things that COVID-19 taught us is that remote work works. Whether you’re working from home or in some coffee shop with decent Wi-Fi, you could still be productive and help in your company’s goals. The work-from-home setup has been around longer than you think. In the Philippines, for example, 52% of employees […]

10 Book Recommendations for Remote Work

Remote work has been a boon and a bane for employers throughout the pandemic. Though many companies have been able to save on office maintenance, it’s also proven difficult to foster a culture of camaraderie among employees and enforce proper work-life boundaries among them. Fortunately, remote work has also seen the rise of coworking spaces […]

Leveling Up to a Private Office in a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces usually offer open-plan offices. It house freelancers mingling, collaborating, and building communities across their divider-less desks. The productive and collaborative atmosphere that this kind of working environment creates can help remote workers and startups thrive. Once you feel your business has outgrown the open workspace, however, there’s always another option: leveling up to […]

Humans of Weremote: Logan Tan, CEO and co-founder of Eezee

Welcome to the Humans of Weremote feature, where we put a spotlight on the valuable members of our community. Let’s get to know them better to gain insight on their business philosophy that we could adopt as we move our own enterprise forward. Weremote, after all, is more than just spaces. Logan Tan describes himself […]

7 Reasons Why Coworking Spaces Are Best for Startups

There has been a significant increase in people working from home or settling into hybrid working since 2019. Because they are more accessible and flexible, coworking spaces have grown in popularity, especially among startups and new business owners. Their objective is to maximize efficiency and foster interaction among users.  The purpose of coworking spaces is […]

How To Stay Focused in a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have become hotspots for startups, venture builders, and freelancers. While being surrounded by like-minded people from various industries is often seen as a pro rather than a con, it isn’t uncommon for solo workers having trouble to stay focused in a coworking space. Here are a few tips to help you make the […]

Hybrid Office Design Ideas for Max Benefit

The pandemic has significantly affected workplaces all around the world. According to a study conducted by Global Workplace Analytics, 76% of employees prefer working in a hybrid office that enables them to achieve a healthy balance between their time spent at home and their actual office. Various companies and organizations feel compelled nowadays to rethink […]

Why Coworking Spaces Thrive in the Pandemic

Almost three years into the pandemic, the coworking space has become much familiar for employees, employers, and freelancers the world over. They have begun to embrace the changes COVID-19 has brought to the way they live, learn, and work. For some, it could mean completely working from the comfort of their homes or transferring from […]

How To Create a Hybrid Workplace for a Hybrid Workforce

The dynamics of today’s workforce have changed as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, people expect choice—in the way they work and the devices they use to get their jobs done.  Modern workplaces must be able to adapt, develop new ways of working, and harness new technologies to increase productivity […]

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