Coworking as Part of a Job Offer for a Remote Team

The COVID-19 pandemic compelled the world to work from home and, consequently, consider remote work as the new norm. The term “remote work” grew synonymous with “coworking” and coworking spaces, especially for freelancers and remote workers. Here, they could enjoy the amenities of a traditional office but with the flexibility of a work-from-home setup.

Although a lot of companies have gone back to in-office work, coworking spaces remain a necessity for many others. In fact, it’s often used as a point of appeal in job offers for remote teams.

Here’s how offering coworking as part of a job offer can help your remote team and business succeed.

Why Job Benefits Matter

Hiring is meant to be a two-way street. Potential employees apply for jobs where they could best use their skills, knowledge, and experience. The hiring company is expected to prepare an attractive job offer.

Some businesses are content with offering the bare minimum: minimum wage, 13th month pay, and paid leaves, among others. But the workplace now needs more than just a basic desk to make employees’ time at work worthwhile. This is because of the post-pandemic situations such as the horrendous traffic and the anxieties people face.

The most cost-effective perk to add to a job offer is access to a coworking space. Coworking spaces provide the perfect in-between when a remote team can’t reach the office but would rather not work from home.

Home Office vs. Coworking Space

The average Filipino working from home likely works in the company of relatives. They use the same electricity, WiFi, printer, and other equipment for their respective needs. Paying for one’s utilities and facilities for solo use, like the setting up of an actual home office rather than just using the kitchen counter, would probably cost too much to even be considered. So they end up occupying one corner of the house or working from their bedroom. In this case, they would have to contend with the noise of the city streets, a neighbor’s TV or karaoke sessions, or the barking of their pet dogs. You can bet productivity goes out the window.

A coworking space provides the amenities of a traditional office and the atmosphere comparable to one’s home, but without the real estate-like prices and the aforementioned distractions.

How Remote Workers Thrive in a Coworking Space

1. Community

Working remotely can get lonely. Being isolated from one’s colleagues can lead to your worker feeling alienated from the company, decreasing their motivation to be productive. At a coworking space, they’ll be able to build bonds with like-minded people, make connections for the business, and throw around ideas with other professionals who might be able to help. The social interaction coworking spaces provide sets remote workers up for better work-life balance; they gather a clearer understanding of what belongs at home and what needs to be done at work. As they surround themselves with other successful professionals, they’ll be more likely to want to lead your business to success too.

2. Amenities

It goes without saying that coworking spaces depend on the concept of “sharing,” but the amenities they offer far exceed what might be available at home. With fast WiFi, free seating, large conference rooms, coffee bars, kitchenettes, and more depending on the space, remote teams don’t have to worry about any of the headache-inducing logistics. What matters is they have fewer bills to pay in the long run, and that’s a perk they won’t overlook.

3. No “Competition”

There’s bound to be drama at any workplace, especially at companies that thrive on competitive rivalries with promotions and raises in the balance. Because coworking spaces are shared among often-unrelated businesses and professionals, there’s less likely to be any gossip or hard feelings. While social interaction is a large part of the coworking experience, it doesn’t typically morph into long-term disruptions. This could mean the world for potential employees who possibly left their last job for similar reasons.

4. A Better Sense of Identity

As your remote workers meet people from other companies and social circles, they’ll eventually have to introduce themselves and explain their interests, what they do, and who they work for. Saying these details out loud and repeating this information for the sake of others can make the intangible more concrete. This can help remote workers establish a clearer sense of their own personality, goals, and role in your business.

5. Increased Productivity

Gone are the days when employees had to strictly clock in and out of work. The option to be able to work where they feel most comfortable, whether at home or at a coworking space, is a form of flexibility and trust between a remote employee and their employer. This goodwill between the two parties can be traced back to the belief that a happy employee makes a happy company.

How to Offer Coworking as a Job Benefit

If you’ve decided to offer coworking as a job benefit for your remote team, the next question might be how to put your plan into action. The following are two ways you can provide your potential remote employees with coworking perks:

1. Purchase coworking space subscriptions for each remote worker. Each one can work at the coworking space closest to them. For instance, Weremote has several branches such as Weremote Makati Central Square that members can choose from. Weremote is more than just about the space. It’s a vibrant community that is ripe with opportunities for networking and collaboration across diverse industries.

2. Book a private office space for rent for your entire remote team. This puts less pressure on individual remote workers to report to the coworking space, and instead places more emphasis on the team itself. 

Good Job Offers = Good Remote Workers

Widen your talent pool and attract top remote workers by letting your company stand out. Offering an employee-centric perk like coworking is an affordable way to increase company morale and productivity, nurture a sense of community, establish a routine with remote workers, and encourage a proper work-life balance.

Coworking spaces are now not only the solution to remote work, but its future. Want to find out what all the hype is about? Check out Weremote today and unlock a lot of possibilities for your company!

Weremote stands as a community where professionals and businesses thrive, offering a dynamic environment for growth. As the coworking brand of Wrkspace Office Management and Solutions Inc., Weremote continues to foster professional development and build vibrant communities. Weremote is a portfolio company of AHG Lab, the largest independent venture builder in the Philippines.

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