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“The people who work here [at Weremote] are very helpful. I really like Ara at the front desk. She helps you when you have questions; she’s always there for you. [Also], everything is organized.”

                                                                                     —Carmen Borsboom, Coordinator, Otto Healthcare

Otto Healthcare is a Dutch company that recruits international healthcare professionals to work in hospitals in the Netherlands for five years. This alleviates the enormous workload of doctors, nurses, and caregivers in the country. At the same time, it gives a great opportunity for those recruited not only in terms of financial compensation but, more importantly, the experience they gain so that when they go back to their home country, they would be eligible for a higher job level and even better pay.

OTTO Health Care takes care of the entire process: from recruiting and training to facilitating good housing and guidance for integration in the Netherlands. They recently set up a training facility at Weremote MyTown LA in BGC to teach Filipino nurses they have recruited the Dutch language and culture. Weremote talked to a couple of Otto Healthcare’s personnel and a Filipino nurse undergoing training to get a better view of the company.

Weremote (WR): Could you introduce yourself and tell us what is your role at Otto Healthcare?

Carmen Borsboom (CB): I am a coordinator for Otto Healthcare. I help the students, the nurses everywhere they need help. I’m here for them. I coordinate everything here in the Philippines for them.

Natasja Swart (NS): I’m from the Netherlands. I have been living in the Philippines since 1999, and I have a background in Communication Science as well as Political Science and Language Education. About 17 years ago I started teaching mother tongue speakers as well as second language learners. Currently, here at Weremote, I’m language training a batch of Filipino nurses for the Dutch job market.

Jotham delos Reyes (JR): I am a student of Otto Healthcare. Right now, I am learning Dutch in preparation for my work in the Netherlands as a nurse.

WR: As a student/trainee of Otto Healthcare, how does the Weremote environment enhance your learning experience?

JR: The place is conducive to learning. Otto’s program is intensive because of the short period of time to learn everything about the Dutch language. We need a place where we can concentrate, and we have it here in Weremote.

WR: What does Otto Healthcare do and what are the main goals it aims to achieve?

CB: We are searching for nurses here, and they will be trained by our Dutch teacher so they can go to the Netherlands and work there in the hospitals for five years because we don’t have enough staff there. So, we need good people—that’s why the Philippines.

NW: Among others, Otto Healthcare recruits nurses from various countries like the Philippines. They build a diverse and skillful workforce, which addresses the global staffing issues, like in the Netherlands.

WR: What excites you the most about the work Otto Healthcare does in integrating international healthcare professionals?

CB: I like that they give a chance for the people in Asia, especially in the Philippines, to work for their future. They will go to the Netherlands and train further there so that when they go back to the Philippines, they will get a higher [job] level in the hospitals. So, they are working for their career [advancement] and for their families.

SW: Otto Healthcare wants to make global healthcare more efficient and effective by bringing in international healthcare providers. I think they can improve global healthcare by sharing best practices, new solutions leading to faster treatments and better results

WR: What are the main goals you aim to achieve?

SW: I try to prepare my students on two levels, which are the language and cultural levels. I want to make sure that the nurses speak the Dutch language very well, which includes the medical terminology and the everyday conversation. There’s a need for clear communication and to deliver top-notch patient care. On the cultural level, I help the nurses understand Dutch culture and the healthcare norms to make sure they have a soft landing when they arrive in the Netherlands. Also to build strong relationships at work.

WR: Could you name one unique Dutch characteristic that you teach your students about?

SW: At 5:30 or 6 in the evening, people have dinnertime, which is very early compared to the Philippines. I have told my students that if they are visiting somebody in the Netherlands, people start getting nervous and anxious when the clock approaches 5:30 because they think, “[these visitors] need to leave now. We might not have enough food on the table because we didn’t count you in.” It’s not like they don’t want you to be there. I think it’s embarrassing for them [to not have prepared enough food to include you for dinner]. They’d rather have a fixed appointment.

WR: Otto Healthcare has chosen to collaborate with Weremote. What factors influenced your decision?

CB: I think the location. It’s BGC. I think it’s central; it’s easy to come here, if the traffic is okay. I also like that a lot of nurses also live here, in the dorm upstairs. That’s the main reason.

WR: In what ways has the Weremote environment enhance your company’s mission at collaborative efforts?

CB: The people who work here [at Weremote] are very helpful. I really like Ara at the front desk. She helps you when you have questions; she’s always there for you. [Also], everything is organized.

WR: What future projects or developments can we look forward to from Otto Healthcare?

CB: I don’t know yet, but I really hope they get a lot of nurses and trained here so they could go to the Netherlands. We are delighted to work with Filipino nurses.

WR: Do you have a favorite spot in Weremote that helps boost your creativity or productivity or for you to study or unwind?

SW: For me and my students, that would be the colorful and cozy pantry area. It’s really inviting for them to work together. We have our self-study time there, coffee breaks. They can have little chats with each other, some downtime, and also the lunchbreaks. They really feel at home there.

JR: Our office and classroom are the best place but going out to the pantry is also very relaxing. The coworking space’s green floor relaxes me. Weremote’s space is sufficient for us students. We learn for six hours inside the classroom, but we tend to stay beyond that, even go here during weekends and holidays. And even during these times, Weremote is still available to give us the services we need.

WR: Describe a typical day at Otto Healthcare at Weremote.

SW: I always arrive before 7 o’clock and most of the students are already in the class by then. I get my coffee. If they have questions, I can answer them. Officially, the class starts at 7:30, and I teach them for two hours. And then we have a short break and self-study time. Then we have a last hour before lunchbreak at around 11:30. In the morning I typically teach grammar. In the afternoon it’s more of the medical training and terminology to prepare them for their work in the hospitals in the Netherlands.

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