Leveling Up to a Private Office in a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces usually offer open-plan offices. It house freelancers mingling, collaborating, and building communities across their divider-less desks. The productive and collaborative atmosphere that this kind of working environment creates can help remote workers and startups thrive.

Once you feel your business has outgrown the open workspace, however, there’s always another option: leveling up to a private office. Weremote offers both types of workspaces, allowing you to tailor your company’s membership package to your needs.

If you’re on the fence on whether to join a coworking space or rent a traditional office, read on to find out how you can get the best of both worlds.

Traditional Office vs. Coworking Space

The traditional office space is intertwined with corporate culture as the entire office area would belong to just one business. Everything has to be paid and planned for the long term. This includes furniture, equipment, renovations for conference rooms, bathrooms, as well as management and maintenance. There are also fewer chances for employees to network outside the business since they interact with the same people every day. As the business grows, office expansion would also become an issue.

The coworking space, on the other hand, is any flexible work environment shared with other companies. This could be a communal space with shared desks and conference rooms. These can be reserved when needed, but this could also be composed of several private offices connected by shared spaces. Coworking spaces are also often managed and maintained by a separate entity, allowing businesses to focus on their work alone.

Why Level Up to a Private Office in a Coworking Space

Already part of a coworking space? Then you’re likely familiar with the usual advantages that come with a membership: cost-effective and flexible plans, a sense of community, and more. When even that isn’t enough, however, it could be time to upgrade to one that includes a private office.

Here are six reasons you should level up to a private office in a coworking space.

1. Increased Privacy

Coworking spaces make collaboration among professionals a breeze because of their shared spaces. But as your business grows, you might want to put a premium on privacy. You could reserve conference rooms in your coworking space on an as-needed basis. However, available slots can be hard to come by during the busier months of the year.

Having a private office in your coworking space means always having a room to meet in peace.

2. Solidarity for Small Teams

There’s no better way to build camaraderie than by sharing a private space with team members every day. This will allow you and your team to get used to each other’s company. In turn, it will improve internal communication and processes. At the same time, you could still meet professionals from other companies and fields. Just visit the coworking space’s shared facilities such as the lounge or kitchen.

3. Increased Focus

Renting a private office is especially helpful for businesses that require a great deal of focus. Interacting with freelancers and building your business’s network are tried-and-true ways to grow your company. But having others outside of your team around can also be distracting at times. Avoid the usual interruptions of phones ringing and polite morning chit-chat by investing in a more secluded environment for your business.

4. Rent on Your Terms

A private office at a coworking space is still a private office. While renting an office at a corporate building is the traditional way to go, this also means preparing all sorts of paperwork your team might not yet have. Avoid the headache of applying for an internet plan and a landline, hiring receptionists and maintenance workers, purchasing desks and chairs, and having to do it all over again as you expand your business.

Coworking spaces offer flexible lease options for short and long periods, allowing your space to grow (or downsize) with you as often you please.

5. Increased Credibility (on a Budget)

It’s understandable for an up-and-coming small business to rent the most affordable space available, but it isn’t always a good look. Boost your brand’s credibility and concretize its identity by situating it at the heart of where you want to be. For instance, Weremote’s coworking spaces are strategically located at or near the metro’s most active business districts, providing visibility and convenient access to nearby corporations–all for an affordable fee. If renting a private office instead of an open plan desk is a non-negotiable for your business, consider one connected to a coworking space at a good location.

6. The Ability to Leave Your Work at the Office

We all accidentally leave stuff at the office every now and then. At a shared workspace, however, it might be more difficult to find them. Someone across from you might accidentally bring home your phone charger, while the person at the other desk might mistake your jacket for his. While you could always bring everything home and back every day, this could get tiring over time.

Avoid confusion and secure your belongings by renting a private office for your business. Leave your work at the office without wondering if your documents, equipment, and other valuables will still be right where you left them the next day.

The Next Step

If your team’s outgrown your shared desk and your business needs more privacy, take it as a sign to upgrade your work environment. Just remember that this doesn’t have to weigh on your budget; you can always stay exactly where you are but expand if you’re already part of a coworking space.

At Weremote, we offer open desk plans and private offices for individual freelancers and growing businesses alike. Take advantage of tailor-fit spaces so you can experience accomplishing your work your way today.Reach out to us at hello@weremote.com for inquiries.

Weremote stands as a community where professionals and businesses thrive, offering a dynamic environment for growth. As the coworking brand of Wrkspace Office Management and Solutions Inc., Weremote continues to foster professional development and build vibrant communities. Weremote is a portfolio company of AHG Lab, the largest independent venture builder in the Philippines.

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