What is a Mailing Address and Why is it Important for Startups

What is a Mailing Address and Why is it Important for Startups

Whether you are running a startup, small business, or even an established one, you may need more than one address. Running a business is no stranger to having a different address since each address has unique characteristics and purpose. A physical address where you meet clients, a mailing address to receive mail, posts, and deliveries, and a registered business address used for legal and compliance and government records. These business addresses may seem trivial, but they still serve as a part of your business operations that reflect professionalism, credibility, and trust in your clients especially for home-based businesses, limited company or an LLC, startups, and small businesses.  

In this article, we will discuss the different types of addresses a business need, the importance, benefits, and the role of mailing addresses, physical address, and a registered business address for home-based businesses, small businesses, and startups. 

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Types of Business Address

What is a Mailing Address?

A mailing address serves as the location where your business receives mail, posts, packages, and deliveries go to, similar to a PO Box. Getting a mailing address service provides a dedicated place where you can claim, collect, and store your business mail and packages if you prefer having a separate mailbox for your home and business.  

If you are running your business from home, getting a PO Box, mailbox service, or a better alternative, a virtual office address with mailing services can provide your business with a practical centralized mailing address, a professional business address that solidifies your credibility as a business, that can be totally beneficial for your startup or small business. 

Although it would really come down to what type of business you would be running since not all businesses would need a separate mailing address from their physical address. It’s also worth considering the average amount of mail you receive in a day. 

What is a Physical Address?

A physical address can represent your street address for your business. Generally, it is the location where your business operates. For example, if you are an LLC or a limited liability company, it would be legally required to provide a physical address or your street address. It could be your home address, PO box address, or getting a commercial business address. It really depends on what address you plan on operating your business at. Getting a virtual office provides you with an instant premium business address when you sign up for one. 

What is a Registered Business Address?

A registered business address is the listed legal address of the company that goes through dealing with legal matters and government requirements. Most businesses use the same address as their physical address or street address when declaring their official address for commercial and enterprise purposes. 

Can Your Mailing Address Be the Same as Your Physical Address?

The answer is, it really depends. If you are a small enterprise that runs everything from their home and you are totally okay with welcoming and receiving mail from your home address then yes, you can use the same address for mailing and physical address. But if you are worried about privacy, work-life balance, and mixing your home’s monthly expenses and your business’ mail, then getting a mailing address might be the best option for you. 

Large businesses with a dedicated commercial space, their mailing address and physical address can be the same address where they receive their mail. Generally, they would have a much bigger space compared to startups and small businesses in which they can have a dedicated room where they can receive and store their mail. Although, a large business with multiple branches at different locations can benefit from having a centralized mailing address, instead of having your mail delivered to different branches. 

Contrary to startups and business owners, a mailing address may be beneficial for your business. If you are running your business from your home using a dedicated PO Box address, mailing services, or a virtual office address are options you can choose from in setting up your mailing address that is separate from your home address and it is much easier to properly register your business since residential addresses are usually rejected by the government. Especially to business owners that are using their condominium unit as their registered business address. Landlords doesn’t provide the documents needed to properly register the business since a contract between a landlord and a tenant is for residential use only and not for business. So, getting a proper business address or a virtual office is a way to go for home-based business owners that want to set up their business. 

The advantages of getting a virtual office address instead of the typical PO box and mailing address services is that a virtual office address delivers your mail to your preferred address, it also provides a workspace for your business, and a meeting room where you can meet your clients with professionalism and credibility. 

What is the Difference Between a Registered Business Address and a Physical Address?

A registered business address and a physical address are different but it can be the same. The only difference between them is the purpose. If you use your physical address as your registered business address, you will receive all of your legal correspondence to your physical address in case you need to deal with it.  

Why Should I Get a Professional Business Address?

Though operating a business online is one way to go and is more common than ever, especially for startups and small businesses. But getting a professional business address is one thing that you might want to consider. Positioning your business in a professional business address can increase the likelihood of your customers and clients trusting your products and services. It proves that your business is the real deal, especially if your official business address is located in a desired business location, busy business area or in a central business district, which a virtual office can instantly put you in those positions. 

Why are These Business Addresses Important for Startups?

These business addresses are more than just the physical location where your business stands or where your business mostly does most of its back-and-forth transactions, or a company’s legal asset. But it defines your business. Your credibility, legitimacy, and trust in your customers.  

For home-based businesses, startups, small businesses it might not matter at first when you’re still figuring out how your business will operate, but in the long term it really does matter. It may even take time before you start to worry about these things. But once you start scaling, increasing volume in-sales and requiring larger business operations, shifting your focus to getting and providing the right business address for your business can potentially maximize your business’ growth. 

But the good thing is, you don’t have to squeeze as much effort into finding the right address for your business. To save you from stress, services like a virtual office offer a wide variety of business solutions that provide for your business to grow, nurture, and scale.  

Where To Get a Proper Business Address?

Now that we’ve discussed the essential business address and how important it is for your business, you might wonder where to get them, how much would be the total cost for all three addresses, how efficient would it be for my business and similar types of questions would be running through your head. The good thing about advancements with business solutions is that it provides clearer and streamlined operations for your business. One example is a virtual office at Weremote where we provide all three-business addresses, business registration, and a physical space where your business can utilize when you need it the most. 

Let’s get into detail on how a virtual office can be beneficial for all types of businesses. 

Benefits of a Virtual Office for Startups & Small Businesses

Provides An All-In-One Business Address

A virtual office offers all the required business addresses in order for your business to run smoothly. From mail handling, taking care of your business registration, and placing your business at the centers of bustling business locations.  

Mailing Address & Mail Handling

Most virtual office services offer additional mail handling services that come with a mailing address that you chose in the virtual office package. The account manager will be responsible for receiving, safekeeping and handling all incoming mail that your business receives on a daily basis, depending on the volume of mail and package your business receives.  Your account manager usually notifies you whenever you have received mail in a day and you have the choice to get it delivered to your doorstep, recycle, pick-up or they can hold it for you. Getting a mailing address and mail handling services saves you the hassle from going back-and-forth to your PO box and you can even have the choice to deliver your mail and packages to you.  

Registered Business Address

When you apply for a virtual office, getting a registered business address is one of the important things you get in the overall package. The registered business address will serve as your official address for business and commercial transactions, for legal compliance, government matters, and legal correspondence. The good part, they do all the processes and registration for you, so you won’t have to queue in long lines and go through the stressful business requirements, so you can focus on what matters for your business. A virtual office and business registration at Weremote is handled by a professional HR Manager with high caliber, together with a partnered law firm that keeps your business compliant with legal and government requirements so your business won’t have the risk of legal penalties and fines.  

Premium Business Address

Getting a premium business address for your business creates a strong first impression on your customers. As much as possible, you want to place your business where a lot of people would recognize your business address in a busy business area like in a prime location where business is booming.  

One of the essentials when getting a virtual office is getting a prestigious address for your business. Your business would look like this: 

Your business is located here

But you are working from here

Your business can operate remotely and virtually and still possess a physical address. When we say a prestigious business address, it could mean that your address can be instantly placed at one of the most bustling business areas and respective business districts like at Makati, BGC, Ortigas, or Alabang depending on the location that you chose for your virtual office address package and have your base of operations outside these locations.  

One of the advantages of having a premium business address is making your business credible that reflects a professional first impression on your clients. You can use the business address as collateral for a business card, digital ad, brochure, website, and other branded assets that you would present to the public, clients, and customers.  

Access to Productive Spaces

You might be worrying about how you would meet your clients at a physical space if your business was full-on running virtually and remotely. Well, a virtual office has a solution for that. Access to the physical and productive spaces is included in the package like usage of the coworking space, meeting rooms, training rooms, and even private offices if you plan to include that on your package. You also get access to common areas like the lounge, and virtual office providers give complimentary freshly brewed coffee, water, and tea to their members when they visit the productive space.  

So, even if you are operating your business remotely, your business can utilize a physical space on demand, when you need it the most. 

Builds Online Presence with Google

Since your business will be running virtually, online platforms like a website, social media, and Google my Business will enable you to build an online presence in the virtual world. A quick overview of Google my Business, it is a platform by Google that allows you to enlist your business location, important details about your business including, business hours, contact details and your services across the digital platform of Google like maps and local search results. You can use the virtual office address in setting up your Google my business account and you can access all of these perks which promote your business a lot easier. Although your enlisted virtual office provider should follow specific guidelines like your clients and customers can visit the physical location.  

As long as your virtual office provider gives you the opportunity to use any of the physical office like the coworking space, meeting room, and other productive spaces (just like Weremote does), then your business is eligible to use a virtual office address in signing up for a Google my business account. 

Setting Up a Business Made Easier

As we have mentioned earlier, a virtual office service technically sets up the business for you. From the mail address & mail handling, instant business address, business registration, the physical office space, and other essentials you need in an all-in-one business solution provided by the virtual office package. Although you might still need to present some Paperworks especially for legal and government purposes like the inspection of office space, fire and safety, and other required practices. But most of the heavy work will be accomplished by the virtual office provider so you can focus on what matters most for your business.

Enables Work Flexibility

Running a business with a virtual office enables flexibility overall. From your business management, organization, workforce, and even the virtual office plan itself. Flexible work model means your workers won’t have to commute to the office since they would be working from home or work from anywhere, unless there are times where they have to meet a client at the physical space, most of your business operations would be virtually. Also, your workers can adjust their working hours as long as they render the required number of work hours in a day or do not face any clashes with meetings and important agendas for the day.  

One advantage of the flexible work model, especially for startups, is that it increases productivity, efficiency, and job satisfaction for your workers. Since they have more time on their hands rather than spending it outside, stuck in traffic, save more money, and it helps them allocate time properly to maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

Less Business Expenditure

One of the advantages of a virtual office, especially for startups and small businesses, is that it lessens the capital that you have to pour out for starting a business.  It sounds too good to be true that a virtual office provides your business flexible solutions, an all-in-one business address, access to productive spaces, meeting rooms, and coworking space, and yes, it also provides a cost-effective solution that enables your business to be up and running instantly. Starting at only P1,500.00 per month for a Basic Virtual Office package at Weremote allows your business to start from the ground up while having the perks of a traditional business, but much better. Your business has the flexibility to steer clear of long-term leases and commitments because you wouldn’t have to put up your own space, land, rent, and equipment since all of these are already included in the virtual office package. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about having to pay for office utilities and maintenance since most probably the virtual office provider has included the utility usage of the space and has in-house maintenance for the office space.  

Community of Startups & Small Business Owners Alike

A virtual office is more than the perks of having to set up your business instantly, access to physical space, and scalability and flexibility that it offers for your business. A virtual office at a coworking space like Weremote has a passionate, friendly, and respectful community of professionals, freelancers, solopreneurs, startups and small business owners alike. This allows you to form relationships with professionals and freelancers across various industries that you can scout and commission that would gladly help you in starting your business from the ground up. A collaborative engagement between professionals across the productive space opens an extensive network of opportunities and relationships to help aspiring business owners to thrive and succeed in the field of entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and business.  

Getting a Mailing, Physical, and Business Address – Virtual Office

With the development of advancements and technology in the modern-day, business solutions came alongside the fast-paced industry. Businesses are slowly leaning towards digital management and inclined to operate through virtual and remote working environments. In business, being able to adapt to the ever-changing industry and capitalize on new solutions places your business an advantage over your competitors. One of these business solutions is a virtual office. A virtual office offers a removes the brick-and-mortar business systems that enables you to have a better grip in running your business while having flexible management and the opportunity to scale methodically. 

Getting a Virtual Office at Weremote

See how virtual office plans can help you get the right business addresses, business registration, and physical space to help your business start from square one – or even help develop your business operations. Contact us and leave us a message at this page and our page will get back to you within 1 business day or sooner!  

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