What’s a Virtual Office? The Benefits For Startups, Freelancers, and Professionals.

What’s a Virtual Office? The Benefits For Startups, Freelancers, and Professionals.

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Virtual Offices go a long way for startups and small business owners looking to establish their businesses. A Virtual Office provides a physical address, mailing address, and office address for businesses that enables flexible work at lowered costs.

There are several essentials required in starting up a business. Of course, you need an idea or having a concept of the business you want to put up. After thinking for a while, with all the ideas that you’ve gathered, you’ll probably realize that you can’t do it alone.

You will need to source a team that would operate and take your business step-by-step to success investing in their wages and salary. Let’s not forget insurances, licenses, and permits, including the technological, equipment, and supply expenses for the business operation. All of that sort, and these are just the basics. 

How about Office Space? Overhead Rent? These are essential in starting a business. It could take 25% or more off of your capital with just on foot rent! (Depending on the enterprise that you are running) With all these expenses at hand, there is no security of ROI or sales which can be costly for your capital.

Are you looking for a cost-efficient, practical way to start  your business? Well, if you are looking for one, this solution found you. A Virtual Office Space might just be the right solution for you.

In this article, we will cover the best economical and practical solutions for your startup that you might want to consider to maximize your ROI.

An Overview Of Businesses During The Pandemic

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It is surprising how some businesses were able to pivot quickly to a different system and took advantage during the harsh conditions that the pandemic has brought.

Some businesses were able to gain a 14% increase in sales growth rate, which is truly shocking given the sudden scarce condition that the pandemic has bombarded the business industry.

However, this is not the case for most businesses. The struggles that the pandemic has caused the whole world remains in its present time. The majority of businesses that are standing strong adapted to new methods of business and work systems that prevented them from total business failure.

Data from the National Bureau of Economic Research shows that 3.3 Million or 22 percent of active business owners plummeted (only in the United States) over only a two-month window coursing from February 2020 – April 2020.

In the first two months of the pandemic, a lot of businesses were in survival mode, operating only to prevent their doors from closing. The data represents the decline of business activity only in the United States. Imagine the vast number of businesses closing down all over the world. 

Following the article below, we will discuss how Virtual Offices can save businesses operations while having the perks of a traditional office.

What Is A Virtual Office?

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Virtual Offices utilize advanced technology business solutions to provide all the advantages of a traditional office, with flexibility and cost savings.

A Virtual Office are utilized by small businesses and startups trying to establish their presence in the business industry, aiming to grow and expand their business space.

Virtual Offices have changed the way businesses work. The progress of technology and work systems have provided us a new method of handling businesses and our employees.

It has saved Startup companies from huge additional expenses that helped them maximize and allocate their resources efficiently.

Virtual Offices can vary on the benefits and extras that you will receive from the package.

The most important part of a Virtual Office is owning a physical address, office address, and mailing address where the business operates.

Having a registered business along with a physical professional business address solidifies your business image to your customers, potentially closing-in business sales opportunities that could potentially expand your business.

Some of the benefits included in a Virtual Office are receiving clientele, Mail with SMS notifications, Mail Handling, Human Phone Handling for customer service process outsourcing.

Why Transition To A Virtual Office?

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Here are some detailed information that may help you in considering to transition into a Virtual business.

Possess a physical professional business address

Owning a physical address strengthens the reliability of your services especially, to key customers. An alternative way rather than spending a percentage of your funds on overhead leasing with no guarantee of return of investment, Weremote’s Virtual Offices are the best solution for tight budget problems. 

Regulation compliances require businesses to have a physical address for business operations, which can cost you a lot of money only for overhead expenses for the lease.

But with the Virtual Office Plan from Weremote, your business can avoid overhead costs from office rent while having a physical office address for your business service, operations, and your employees working remotely.

Easier to set up

Setting up a Virtual Office business has been made easier by Weremote’s Virtual Office package services. Weremote can help you set up all of your business needs by taking care of your Mail handling and other services included in the package that can grow your brand and manage your virtual office.

Controlled Risk

As we have already established a couple of times, upfront investments are reduced because there are no overhead payments and less commitment required compared to a traditional business setup. 

Easier to scale

A Virtual Office business setup opens room for the mobility of resources. As we have mentioned above, the reduced upfront investments that Virtual Offices provide for your business removes the long-term commitment.

As your business grows, your resources can be gradually contributed to the expansion and development of your company.


Operating in an office space requires a lot of electricity usage. From the “energy-saving” LED lights that you rarely turn off, to your high-consuming air conditioning units to keep your offices cool, to the paper prints that you throw afterwards, and the computers and laptops you use almost every day. 

According to Cundall, Paper materials are the most office waste contributing to Carbon Emissions. With a whopping 60% (White Paper 20%, Cardboard 14%, Newspapers and Magazines 13%, Other Papers 13%). 

There have been countless businesses and offices around the globe continuously operating since the early 90s. The amount of wastes that have been produced is unimaginable.

Remote Working with a Virtual Office can reduce almost all of the paper waste produced by an office. Switching to a Virtual Office means transitioning to online resources and materials which eliminates most use of office waste.

Increased productivity and efficiency among employees

Remote workers are happy workers. Maintaining your employees’ happiness, physically, mentally, and work-life balance is essential to your business for productivity.

The workforces’ capacity to produce excellent results are based on their capability to work, and you want them to be at their 100%. You invest in your employees the same as you spend your investments in your company. Your employees are a commodity that brings great value in terms of the operations of your company.

A research post about remote workers’ productivity shows that 65% of workers said they feel more productive when not in the office. Another research shows that not only are workers happier, they are also healthier. 

Wide reach of talents

One advantage of having a remote working system is attracting offshore employees online who are willing to share their talents. Get the opportunity to hire a wide range of various professionals across the globe to explore different creative approaches and cultures to deliver business executions in an imaginative way possibly.

Benefits of having a Virtual Office over a traditional one

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Owning a startup business can be overwhelming because of the expenses you need to sustain in operating your business. Not to mention, you still have to invest your resources in brand awareness such as marketing, advertising, and promotion. In this selection, you will be able to learn the benefits of a Virtual Office other than having a cheaper alternative for establishing one.

Flexible Work

Flexible work has its glory for productivity for workers. No need to dedicate your time to stress about what to wear to the office, or take an hour to prepare yourself to look good. You can go straight ahead to your home office while still in your pajamas, heck even lazy to go to shower or brush your teeth! (Although we do not recommend this to lessen the risk of health problems).

Instead of having a traditional office, one advantage of having a Virtual Office is the ability and access to flexibility of working. A study regarding the state of Remote Work in 2020 that 32% of Workers consider having a flexible schedule as one of the biggest benefits of working remotely.

Getting to adapt to flexible working is a big plus for the company that allows employees to work productively and efficiently, no matter when and where.

Working remotely is a huge benefit for employees. As we have mentioned earlier, not only can it help them with productivity, they also get to reduce their costs and efficiently utilize their time properly.

Fewer expenditures

Whether you are a startup, midsize, or established business, office space lease expenses vary depending on what type of business you are running. Some startups start their offices at their little garage or a dedicated room at their home. (Which we do not recommend since your home should be a place of leisure and relaxation. Combining it with stress work doesn’t go well together.) 

Research done by Businesswire includes in their data that a staggering 15-46% of their income is spent only on rent. 

Having a Virtual Office can help you maximize the business potential since it provides you a huge percentage to allocate your resources well.

Spending 15% (or more) solely on rent prevents you from business growth opportunities that would potentially help you in the long term. Dedicating your rent costs to other expenses has a huge impact on pushing the business’ resources more efficiently. 

No commute time!

Commuting is a tedious thing. I mean, who would want to waste their time waiting at the train station, or catching a bus instead of being stuck in heavy traffic when you can finish your work from the commute time you wasted from going to work and going home? 

 The average commute time in Manila, Philippines takes about 45.5 minutes on a good day to go to the office, excluding the rush hour going home which can estimate a total of 60-160 minutes of commute time in a day.  

 Not only that, but it can also reduce your job satisfaction and add stress to your overall mental well-being. 

Did you know that longer periods of commuting can also affect your overall well-being and health? Research shows that long periods of commute can increase the risk of physical inactivity and can develop sleep problems.

Physical inactivity concerns an unhealthy lifestyle and increases the risk of chronic conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and obesity. Avoiding such health conditions while working can lessen the difficulties and stress that we have to deal with. 

Having to commute also means spending your resources on a commute and getting something to eat in the office. With remote working, you can allocate these extra expenses to your savings, investments, or paying your debt!

Is a Virtual Office the best solution for you?

Justice League Themed Meeting Room at Weremote Ortigas for Virtual Office clients

If you are having trouble in starting up your business with a Virtual Office, here is a quick and easy guide for you.

Understand and learn within the few minutes you are reading this article! If you’re giving it a thought if a Virtual Office is for you, you might want to consider these key essentials.

Here are the essential steps in setting up a successful Virtual Office Business setup that would help you become the next big thing!

Establish your team of creatives

Do you know the popular saying “Teamwork makes the dream work” Well, it does work that way! Carrying all the heavy baggage of business operations will be tiresome and could potentially burn you out. Looking for a group of people with the same goal in mind would make it easier for your team to achieve the business goals.

Blueprint your Strategy

Business strategy is like playing chess. Calculating every move and considering all risk variables can help you anticipate future challenges and map out proactive actions that can transform your business. Supporting a valid business structure decreases the risk of failing and ending up losing your business.

Develop your Brand Personality

Think of your brand as your business personality. You can start with a logo design that represents your brand, a recognizable color palette, and strong typography that would compliment your business brand.

Establishing a brand personality speaks about what kind of company you are showing towards your customers.

Building a brand creates a reflection of confidence and trust among your customers that establishes your reliability, credibility, and legitimacy that potentially can gain sales and traffic from returning satisfied customers.

Claim a Virtual Business Address

As we have repeatedly mentioned, when moving to a Virtual Office setup a business address would be required for legal compliances in establishing a business. Having a residential home address as your business address can affect your privacy and does not reflect a professional business, even for a startup. 

Virtual Offices in Weremote includes a physical address, mailing address and office address for your business and on demand access to Meeting Rooms where you can preside meetings with important clients. Training Rooms are also in the package where you can provide a proper training space for your employees to support them sharpen and acquire the set standard skills for your business.

Lastly, given access to Hot Desk, Common Areas like the Coworking Space and Business Lounge where employees can spend their time immersing themselves dedicated only to work.

Set up Mail Handling

Setting up Mail is included in the Virtual Office Package Weremote offers. Receiving Mail is sent to your Virtual Office registered office address and mailing address where an account manager receives it for you. They also send you a notification via email, text, or phone call when you receive a package.

Arrange your Workspace Essentials

Planning your workspace essentials is a start for considering what to provide for your employees for their work operations. Weremote can provide these workspace essentials for your company with a technology-based platform such as Coworking Spaces, Meeting Rooms, Training Rooms, Shared Services, and HR Management Services.

Set up a Website

As technology advances throughout, online platforms and websites are easily accessible for brand awareness and sales. The majority of people discover stuff online, and establishing your business online can lead to brand exposure, more traffic, and close out the call to action or sales easier.

Acquire a company Email address

Using a Gmail account for your business is also fine and it works. But, changing your email domain to abc@company.com is highly suggested. It provides a professional impression when communicating with clients and possible partners!

Tools in Operating your Virtual Office

Operating your business virtually also means depending on online technology platforms to help you connect with your team. There are a lot of available online platforms to facilitate your team management within the company. There are plenty of online platforms to choose from such as; Messaging, Emailing, HR Management platforms, Time, Task, and Salary trackers.

Virtual Office in Weremote

remote work equipment for virtual office weremote ortigas

You have probably learned and understand how Virtual Offices work and their benefits. 

If you are looking where to avail one, Weremote has Virtual Offices in Ortigas, Alabang, Makati and BGC that would cater to your accessibility and convenience. We will walk you through a step-by-step guide in getting one, and we have great deals for you! 

Virtual Office Plans with Weremote offer flexible customizable plans that would cater to your needs. Not only do you get a physical address, office address, and a mailing address, but a Virtual Office Plan in Weremote also provides a safe and creative Coworking Space for your employees where they focus on their work to maintain a healthy work-life balance relationship between them.

A dedicated account manager would be taking care of your Virtual Office in Weremote. Our facilities located in Ortigas, Alabang, Makati and BGC are equipped with Professional Plasma Air Filtration Devices that 100% guarantee protection for your employees from COVID-19, you choose where you would like to set up your Virtual Office Business Address.

Here’s a Great Value Deal for you!

Did you know that establishing your business on a Virtual Office plan with Weremote in the Philippines can get you up to 7 months free on your plan? You heard it right! With this deal, not only do you get to avoid overhead expenses, but also you get your business to be established for almost years! Virtual Office packages from Weremote are a Practical solution to start up your business.

You can choose where you want to set up shop, Weremote has locations in Ortigas, Alabang and Makati, these three cities are known business centers in the Philippines.

Switch to a Virtual Office for Free!

Weremote is also offering a FREE Switch to Virtual Office! Already a Registered Business in Metro Manila, Rizal, or Cavite? Purchase a minimum of 12 Months of Virtual Office from Weremote and we will take care of your BIR Transfer to the City of Pasig for Free! Although, there will be additional charges for Rizal and Cavite provinces.

What you get from the Virtual Office Package in Weremote

prices for virtual office packages at weremote

Currently, Weremote has four types of Virtual Office Packages for you to choose from:

  • Basic – Starts @ ₱ 1,500.00 per month / ₱ 25,500.00 per 2 years + 7 months free
  • Professional – Starts @ ₱ 2,000.00 per month / ₱ 34,000.00 per 2 years + 7 months free
  • Small business – Starts @ ₱ 3000.00 per month / ₱ 51,000.00 per 2 years + 7 months free
  • Premium – Starts @ ₱ 4,000.00 per month / ₱ 68,000.00 per 2 years + 7 months free

All of these packages contain:

  • Business Address for Registration (1 Year Contract Required)
  • Mailing Address and Mail Handling
  • Receiving Mail with Email or SMS notification
  • Mail Items & Parcels Per Month
  • Storage for Letter Items
  • Storage for Packages
  • And many more

What sets the packages apart are the number of emails, storage duration, non-accumulative room credits, and access to common areas at Weremote. 

Non-accumulative room credits are earned per month which you can spend on training rooms, meeting rooms, interview rooms, and phone booths. Take advantage of these room credits and utilize them per month to get the most out of the Virtual Office package and get to immerse into the Weremote community.

What would you need to set up a Virtual Office in Weremote

Of course, before setting up a business, the usuals would be the legal compliances and government requirements that will be needed. The selection below is a step-by-step guide that will help you prepare the essential documents and requirements. It is surprising how Weremote can easily prepare and help you expand your business to the next level.

Step-by-step guide of standalone requirements in setting up your Virtual Office Business with Weremote

Here is a free PDF Document of our guides on how to set up a Virtual Office in Weremote, including our Coworking, Function Rooms, Business Registration,  Virtual Office Plans and Special Combo Package for you to utilize.

Step 1: Ask Weremote

Visit our website to browse the perfect business plan for you. You may also contact us at  +63 917 623 3674 or send an email at join@weremote.com for inquiries you might have in mind. If you decide to talk to us personally, we are located at 2nd Floor Metrowalk Complex Weremote Building C, Pasig, 1604 Metro Manila.

Step 2: Fill up a Step Service Agreement (Contract Lease)

It is smooth to set up a Virtual Office with Weremote. The front desk receptionist would require you to show One (1) Valid ID if the ID you present one has an address, Two (2) Valid IDs if there is no indicated address on the IDs you presented.

Follow-up questions will be asked regarding the purpose of applying for a Virtual Office. If you plan on setting up a Business, an advance of at least 12 months for the security and credibility of the business registration and to safeguard Weremote from fraudulent business activities.

Additional information will be required such as:

  • Business Name
  • Contact Person
  • Complete Address of the Contact Person
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Approval of monthly payments for the Virtual Office can only be allowed if the purpose is the use of Weremote’s Address (ex: Calling Cards).

After our front desk has approved your application, they will be handing out a Contract Lease, Certificate of Occupancy with the following:

  • Attesting that you have a Virtual Office at Weremote
  • How much in total you have paid
  • How long is the term for the Virtual Office

You will be receiving a reference number in the Weremote Certification of Occupancy where you will need for the next step.

Step 3: What Proprietorship is for you?

Get to learn the different Corporate Proprietorships and consider what would be the best registration for you.

Sole Proprietorship

Sole Proprietorship is a type of unincorporated business handled by one individual. Unlike One Person Corporation, Sole Proprietorship has no legal distinction between the sole owner and the business that pays personal income taxes from the profits of the business. 

An advantage of a Sole Proprietorship is the low fees and convenience of establishing a business. Its processing period is also quick which you can do in under half a day through DTI. 

One-Person Corporation

In the former corporation law, you will need at least five (5) incorporators to be able to form a corporation. As the title itself, it is self-explanatory. One Person Corporation gives you the ability to have one person as a stockholder. The sole stockholder is also represented as the sole, director, and president of the corporation. 

The advantage of establishing a One Person Corporation provides an easier way to put up your business in the country. It also reduces the minimum capital required for running an OPC, limits the liability for the business owners which ensures that only the company is liable for the debts and responsibilities while the owner’s asset is safeguarded from collateral and protected against the creditor. 

Domestic Incorporation

A Domestic Incorporation is a company or corporation that institutes conduct business affairs and follows the law in its home country. Domestic corporations may also have to pay taxes or fees on imported commodities.

Domestic Incorporation doing business in a different country will be recognized as a Foreign Incorporation. Processing of Domestic Incorporation is through the Securities and Exchange Commission

Foreign Incorporation

As the title suggests, Foreign Incorporation are existing companies that conduct businesses and jurisdictions in another country that is looking to build or establish their business outside of their country. Processing of Foreign Incorporation is through the Securities and Exchange Commission

Freelancer Registration

Freelancers are professionals that are working independently without representing a company. Companies can hire freelancers for one-time project-based remuneration and part-time projects. The company does not fully receive the equivalent compensation and same level of commitment compared to a regular employee.

Being a registered freelancer reflects a professional image of your brand and increases your reliability and trust for clients that want to do business with you.

Licensed Professional 

Being a registered Licensed Professional provides the authorization of practice of your profession. Providing trust and reliability to your clients is critical for PRC-licensed professionals like Accountants, Brokers, Lawyers, Engineers, and Doctors alike. 

General Partnership

A General Partnership is a business agreement between two or more individuals to establish and run a business that agrees to share the unlimited liability for the debts and obligations of the company. 

Step 4: Go to LGU for Local Government Permits

Processing LGU Barangay Permits has been made easier in Pasig City, promoting stress-free and convenient document processing. You have the luxury of processing all the required legal compliances in one go only in Pasig City.

There are two choices for you to process your documents:

  1. Through the Barangay Hall
  2. or a One-stop-shop Kiosk in Ayala Malls Pasig

Here are the documents that you would be needing:

Barangay Business Clearance Plate

  • Business Permit Plate
  • Certificate of Registration (BIR)
  • Sanitary Permit
  • BIR Form 0605
  • Fire Safety Certificate
  • Mayor’s Permit
  • Environmental Permit
  • Barangay Business Clearance
  • Certificate of Conforme (if applicable)
  • Ask for an Official Receipt Sign issued by BIR

IMPORTANT NOTE: After you have processed these legal compliances, it is important to present the ORIGINAL COPIES of these documents to Weremote so we can represent your company in case of any government inspection

Step 5: Pending of Application

As we have mentioned before, it is crucial to submit the original documents so Weremote can represent your company for government inspections. BPLO Pasig will have to verify and inspect the office for the authenticity of the Virtual Office registered by the company.

A document containing the images of fire extinguishers and locations within the office will be provided by Weremote. The Bureau of Fire Protection will also come to Weremote for inspections of fire hazards and protection like fire exits, fire extinguishers, and protocols. 

Step 6: Approval of Application

The wait is over! When all is said and done, all you have to do is start preparing for the launch of your business journey!

Special Combo Package: A way to skip the Standalone Requirements

What if we offer you a better deal? We can do all of the standalone requirements for you instead of going into long lines and stressful processes! Our dedicated law firm will assist you in processing the required government compliances that can support you to focus on things that matters the most.

Be smart and get a big discount from us by getting a Business Registration Package and a Virtual Office Plan from Weremote. Enjoy a hassle-free startup experience and check out the combined packages below. 

prices for a business registration with virtual office package at weremote

*Business Registration + Professional Virtual Office includes: 

✔ Mon – Fri Access to the Weremote space

✔ FREE Online Meeting Room Software

✔ 800 Monthly Function Room Credits (Access to our Phone Booths)

✔ Meeting, Interview, and Training Rooms.

✔ 8 Hours of Coworking per month

✔ Dedicated Account Manager

✔ Personal Mailbox and Mail Handling

✔ Receiving Mail with Email or SMS notification

✔ Use of Address for Business Registration

✔ 12 Months Professional Virtual Office

*Terms and conditions apply

Starting your business with Weremote is the ideal choice.

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Weremote assures only the best solutions towards your business demands. Our Virtual Office Plan eliminates the complexities and worries for your regulation compliances, providing a cost-efficient, practical solution while focusing on what matters the most. 

Get a quotation from us, and we’ll take the next step of your business together. Contact us on Facebook, email us at join@weremote.com or leave us a call at +63 917 623 3674.

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