Weremote: Why It’s More Than Just Spaces

One of the things that COVID-19 taught us is that remote work works. Whether you’re working from home or in some coffee shop with decent Wi-Fi, you could still be productive and help in your company’s goals. The work-from-home setup has been around longer than you think. In the Philippines, for example, 52% of employees […]

Weremote Newsbits | The Week In Review May 4th to 8th

Pasig City Pandemic Count We know the past months have been really hard for all of us. The best thing for everyone to do still, is stay home, stay safe, only go out when you need to. The faster we flatten the curve the better it is for all of us.|  Source: Pasig City Information Office ECQ […]

Weremote Newsbits | The Week In Recap April 13th to 18th

You Can Now Be Fined For Not Following ECQ Guidelines In Your Car People caught not following social-distancing rules inside their vehicles can face a P5,000 fine from the MMDA. In case you aren’t aware, there’s a limit to how many people a vehicle can carry at the moment—sedans, for example, can only carry up […]

Weremote Newsbits | The Week In Review March 30 to April 3

1. Case against Vico Sotto dismissed Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, April 2)— The Interior Department assailed the National Bureau of Investigation’s summoning of Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto over supposed quarantine protocol violations, saying the move is only a “useless political distraction amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. | Source CNN 2. Face masks are now […]

The 5 Commandments of Sharing an Office Space

Coworking spaces can be a truly magical place. You get your work done and let your hair down in an open, collaborative, and supportive environment where you share a space with people who likewise share your values, or even your goals. But sometimes, all it takes is one person talking a little too loudly or […]

Join Weremote’s #Cowinning Give-Away Contest!

WeRemote just hit the big 1K on Facebook, and we’re absolutely thrilled to keep our community growing! As a company founded on collaboration, sharing, cooperation, and openness with everyone regardless of who you are and what you do (basically all the things that make coworking awesome), we want to spread the love and welcome more […]

Coworking 101: What Exactly is a Coworking Space and Why Do I Need One?

Gone are the days when everyone clocked in at 9 and went out at 5, sitting in the same cubicle for eight hours straight, five days a week, and remaining with the same company for decades on end.
The younger generation is bringing in new technologies, values, and practices, steadily redefining the professional landscape into one that favors flexibility over stability.

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