Weremote MCS: A hub for sustainability and innovation

Weremote, known for its flexible working areas, has always been more than just a space for desks and offices. It is, among other things, a multi-use facility that can accommodate the specific needs of its clients. 

It recently opened its doors to Urban Greens, a company dedicated to transforming the Philippines’ food supply chain by making it resilient against typhoons and floods. This partnership highlights the synergies between sustainable urban farming and the evolving needs of modern workspaces.

By incorporating Urban Greens into its ecosystem, Weremote enhances its reputation not only as a hub for community building, networking, and business growth but also as a prime location for indoor farming right in the heart of a city. This should open the floodgates for other startups, “solopreneurs,” and established companies with unique value propositions to connect over shared values of sustainability and innovation.

The company’s approach involves growing fresh produce indoors using soil-less farming techniques, which not only guarantees year-round availability but also supports sustainability right in the heart of the city.

Since its establishment in 2017, Urban Greens has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the sustainable food scene in the Philippines. This indoor urban farming company aims to introduce a novel way of growing cleaner, fresher vegetables within the confines of a home or building right in the heart of the city. Utilizing hydroponics and vertical farming, Urban Greens offers a sustainable solution to urban agriculture, addressing the pressing issues of food security, sustainability, and urbanization.

The Emergence of Urban Greens

Urban Greens was founded with a vision to change the way urban dwellers perceive and consume food. With the rapid urbanization of cities and the increasing distance between consumers and their food sources, the need for sustainable urban agriculture has never been more critical. Traditional farming methods have become nearly unsustainable due to climate change. It also requires significant land, water, and resources, all of which are becoming scarce even in rural areas.

Hydroponics and vertical farming offer a viable alternative. These methods allow plants to grow without soil, using nutrient-rich water solutions and controlled environments. This not only conserves water but also reduces the need for pesticides and other chemicals, resulting in cleaner and healthier produce. By stacking plants vertically, these systems make efficient use of space, making it possible to grow a substantial amount of food within a small urban footprint.

Ralph Becker, founder and CEO

“There has been a worldwide trend of adopting hydroponics and vertical farming in city spaces all within the idea of reducing the farm-to-table distance to make food more available to people in the city. This framework also highlights relying less on imports and having food shipped from outside the city,” explains Urban Greens founder and CEO, Ralph Becker during a recent interview with Real Living.

Enhancing Weremote’s Community and Network

The integration of Urban Greens within Weremote Makati Central Square further adds to an already vibrant community where professionals from various industries interact and collaborate. Urban Greens’ presence acts as a catalyst for discussions on sustainability, health, and urban living, drawing in individuals and organizations who are passionate about these topics.

Moreover, the availability of fresh, locally grown produce right within the coworking space underscores Weremote’s commitment to promoting wellness and sustainability among its members. This places Weremote in a position as a forward-thinking and holistic environment conducive to personal and professional growth.

Benefits to Startups and Entrepreneurs

Other aspiring entrepreneurs are definitely welcome to set up shop at Weremote. There they can work on disrupting traditional industries with sustainable solutions. The flexible workspace cultivates innovative thinking that, combined with technology, can address real-world problems.

Urban Greens team at Weremote MCS

Additionally, the collaborative environment at Weremote offers ample networking opportunities. Entrepreneurs can connect with like-minded individuals, potential mentors, and investors who are also drawn to the coworking space for its unique offerings. This dynamic ecosystem supports the growth and success of new ventures, providing the resources and community necessary for startups to thrive.

Weremote stands as a community where professionals and businesses thrive, offering a dynamic environment for growth. As the coworking brand of Wrkspace Office Management and Solutions Inc., Weremote continues to foster professional development and build vibrant communities. Weremote is a portfolio company of AHG Lab, the largest independent venture builder in the Philippines.

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