Humans of Weremote: Logan Tan, CEO and co-founder of Eezee

Welcome to the Humans of Weremote feature, where we put a spotlight on the valuable members of our community. Let’s get to know them better to gain insight on their business philosophy that we could adopt as we move our own enterprise forward. Weremote, after all, is more than just spaces. Logan Tan describes himself […]

Coworking Space Event Ideas and Tips

Coworking space events have gained traction along with the growth of the coworking community as they help develop a loyal following and customer base.

Coworking Spaces: Perfect for Students Too

Coworking space perfect for students - weremote blog

As employees transition to the new normal, they have discovered the many advantages of working at a coworking space. Students would benefit from a coworking space too, as they have to navigate an academic space that may or may not be completely online. While schools have begun to experiment with face-to-face classes, it’s still not […]

Hybrid Office Design Ideas for Max Benefit

The pandemic has significantly affected workplaces all around the world. According to a study conducted by Global Workplace Analytics, 76% of employees prefer working in a hybrid office that enables them to achieve a healthy balance between their time spent at home and their actual office. Various companies and organizations feel compelled nowadays to rethink […]

Coworking: Built for the Future and the Future of Businesses

The average person will spend a third of their life at work. No wonder people are doing all they can to make the time they spend there worthwhile, comfortable, and enjoyable. One way businesses and freelancers are trying to achieve this is by making the shift from traditional offices to coworking spaces. If anyone had […]

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